My Local Life


Friends and mothers Anna Cribb and Katy Pullinger tested eBikes with Bosch drives for a week in southern England – and discovered that the eBike is also ideal for transport for a family with small children.

My Local Life


Friends and mothers Anna Cribb and Katy Pullinger tested eBikes with Bosch drives for a week in southern England – and discovered that the eBike is also ideal for transport for a family with small children.

Mommies on tour

Katy and I have been friends for twelve years. We have known each other since childhood. After Katy and I became mothers, we moved with our husbands from London to the south of England to raise our kids on the wonderful Dorset coast. For our everyday mobility, we have always used minivans, simply because we believed at that point that cars were the most practical means of transportation for our five children. Certainly more time in fresh air, getting around more with a bicycle – that would be great. But so far it seemed absolutely unrealistic, since Ivy, Tilda and Ozzy couldn’t ride bicycles themselves yet.

Then we got this request from Bosch: “Would you like to test eBikes for a week and do a self-experiment of sorts?” We quickly made up our minds: Yes. We would. And we looked forward to it. Would eBikes meet our requirements? Would they do for getting to work or taking the kids to school? Can you use them for shopping and running errands? How will Pedelecs fit into our leisure? Can we use the bikes to do family trips to the beach or to the park? We tested the eBikes in our everyday life: seven days of cycling together with our kids.

Anna's and Katy's bottom line

Our bottom line after this week: We did quite a few things and we were really active. Running errands became an experience. If you are looking for a panacea, eBikes are not it. If, on the other hand, you want to make things easier, they fit the ticket. No congestion, no nagging, no time spent looking for parking! eBikes are offered for parents who wish to travel a lot and they enable kids to discover the world at large. Katy, the children and I have made our decision: eBikes are forever!


A day with Anna and Katy

At Anna's

We get up to an early start. My boys must get to school. Instead of the car we take the bikes. The two big boys ride their own, Ozzy with me on the eCargo bike. My boys bursting with energy: for them it is the best way to start their day. They are out in the fresh air, they get exercise before they will have to spend the morning sitting still, concentrating and learning.

Coast Surf Café

The boys are at school, now we have some time for ourselves. At the Coast Surf Café I meet up with Katy and Ivy. Over a cup of tea, we are discussing the next installment for our Youtube channel „Heymummytv“ and the things that are on our minds. We never run out of topics. We’re girls!

Favorite Playground

At lunchime, we are all together again. Katy and I have picked up Tilda and Ozzy and spend time at the playground. This local park is the perfect place for children to play. There are swings and seesaws, slides and climbing areas – the ideal place for children to run off steam.

Bournemouth Beach

The beach at Bournemouth is wonderful! Soft sand, clean water and an uncluttered view of the sea. It really is the most beautiful place to recharge your batteries adn let the sun warm your face. We even get to snack on “Fish & Chips”.

Patisserie Mark Bennett

Spending a lot of time in the open air gives you an appetite. I buy my bread for dinner at Mark Bennett’s Patisserie. He is a master baker and the bakery has been in the family for three generations. With our shopping loaded we head home.

Annas and Katy‘s eBikes

Performance Line

The Performance Line supports the eBiker with power, directly and dynamically. Taking kids to kindergarten or going shopping with a Cargo bike. Perfect for anyone who wants to achieve more everyday with a bike.

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DualBattery 1000

Twice the range. The DualBattery combines two PowerPacks — the perfect solution for cargo bikers. The combination of two PowerPack 500s makes ranges up to 240 kilometers possible.

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Active Line

Whether with a bike trailer in the city or an excursion to the beach. The harmonic and agile power distribution of the Active Line delivers a reliable and safe rider experience up to 25 km/h.

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PowerPack 500

The PowerPack 500, a modern Bosch lithium-ion battery, makes every excursion a pleasure thanks to its very high energy density and enormous mileage.

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The Intuvia on-board computer

Anna and Katy use the Intuvia on-board computer. This easy to use display ensures they reach their goal relaxed – without traffic and searching for parking spaces. Intuvia provides important information such as time and range at a glance.

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