The powerful drive unit for S-pedelecs

Performance Line Speed

Ideal for commuters

Reach high speeds quickly and cover long distances effortlessly.

Get there faster

Reach your destinations with powerful support and maximum efficiency.

Smart expandable

Connect your eBike’s display to apps and navigate efficiently.

More riding enjoyment

Benefit from the agile response and dynamic support during the ride.

Smart system or Bosch eBike System 2

The smart system is fully connected and always up to date thanks to regular over-the-air updates.

Performance Line Speed in smart system

eBike Flow app

The Performance Line Speed is connected with the eBike Flow app. It controls all the functions of the smart system and allows you to customize and keep your eBike up to date.

eBike Lock
  • eBike Lock, as additional theft protection for your eBike, is a free feature in the smart system.
  • Activate motor support using your smartphone as a digital key.
Speed sensors

The Performance Line in the smart system also has a wireless speed sensor with rim magnet in addition to the wired speed sensor with spoke magnet and the brake disc magnet.

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All components are coordinated and compatible with each other.

Performance Line Speed in Bosch eBike System 2

eBike Connect app

The second generation Performance Line Speed is compatible with the eBike Connect app. You can use it to call up your riding data, among other things.

eBike Lock
  • eBike Lock, as additional theft protection for your eBike with the Kiox and Nyon displays, is a paid feature in the Bosch eBike System 2.
  • Activate motor support by attaching the display as a key.
Speed sensors

The Performance Line Speed in the second system generation has a wired speed sensor with spoke magnet or brake disc magnet.

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Performance Line Speed – the smart system

Efficient and dynamic on the road

Enjoy the benefits – keep your S-pedelec components up to date at all times via over-the-air updates. With powerful acceleration and support up to 45 km/h, the Performance Line Speed gets you to your destination quickly and efficiently.

At a glance

Powerful drive unit

You benefit from strong support up to the maximum speed of 45 km/h.

85 Nm

Thanks to dynamic support, you accelerate quickly after curves or obstacles.

Over-the-air updates

Keep your drive unit up to date in the future and improve your individual eBike experience.

Auto mode

The  Auto mode reacts to a decrease in speed, e.g. due to climbs and sudden headwinds, and compensates this with the appropriate support.

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Powerful support

Experience the powerful support of the powerful motor even at high cadence. The optimally tuned transmission concept enables dynamic riding and fast sprints. So you can do your fitness session on the way to work.

Relaxing Auto mode

Use the Auto mode for a pleasant ride on your eBike: It automatically adjusts support between Tour and Turbo depending on the riding situation, without you having to apply more power or switch between riding modes. This way you can fully focus on the way ahead of you.

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Smart Walk Assist

Get help: smart Walk Assist supports you uphill. As soon as you push your eBike, the motor support starts. The practical Hill Hold function prevents uncontrolled rolling back or downhill.

Compact construction

Ride even more comfortably: the small dimensions of the Performance Line Speed and its magnesium casing reduce the weight of the drive unit to just 2.9 kilograms. So your eBike is lighter, and you can control it even better.

eBike Lock with the smart system

Activating the eBike Lock function via the eBike Flow app lets you use your smartphone as a digital key. Because motor support can only be activated with your smartphone and Bluetooth connection, your eBike holds no attraction for thieves.

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The eBike Flow app connects you and your eBike – and your eBike to the digital world. You can use the app to control all functions of the smart system, which networks the drive unit, the battery and the control unit. It allows you to adapt the eBike to your needs, upgrade it and keep it up to date. You simply download new features and services. You can conveniently install updates for your eBike via Bluetooth. This keeps your eBike up to date and continuously upgraded with new features. This is how you can improve your riding experience.

Performance Line Speed – Bosch eBike System 2

Fast and dynamic

With a whopping 85 Nm of maximum torque and a low weight of just 2.9 kg, Performance Line Speed delivers dynamic support for everyday and leisure activities. High speeds are reached quickly – perfect for covering long distances with ease.

At a glance

Fast drive unit

The drive unit supports up to a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

Maximum torque

With up to 85 Nm, the drive unit ensures a sporty riding experience.

Maximum support

The powerful motor is ideal for long distances and commuters. 

Low weight

The drive unit promises a dynamic riding experience with a weight of only 2.9 kg. 

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Fast acceleration

Accelerate after obstacles or tight turns with the full power of your drive. The maximum torque of 85 Nm combined with the optimally tuned transmission concept also makes hill starts easier and boosts riding enjoyment.

Flexible response

Safer riding: thanks to the multi-sensor concept, the drive unit responds quickly and agilely to any demand during the journey. Through the interaction of the sensors and the software, your eBike remains maneuverable and agile and provides a dynamic riding experience.


More power for long distances

Faster to your destination: From model year 2021, the powerful motor of the Performance Line Speed drive unit delivers support with a maximum torque of 85 Nm, giving even more thrust. 


Technical data

* Maximum values. Deviations possible, depending on the hub gear system.

** Activation/deactivation of the various riding modes is carried out by the bicycle manufacturer and the specialist dealer. A maximum of four riding modes, in addition to Off mode, can be activated in the display. With the help of the individual riding modes, the modes can be configured according to the individual needs of the eBiker via the eBike Flow app. It's not possible to customise your riding mode on S-pedelecs.

*** Optional only with hub gear system. There is no backpedal function with the derailleur system.

**** Only available in New Zealand and the USA.

FAQs & More

eBikes with the Drive Unit Performance Line Speed or Cargo Speed cannot be retrofitted, but new models with the 85 Nm update will be available from specialist dealers from fall 2020. This is due to the fact that the Speed version with the new software must undergo homologation.

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