Bosch introducing two new systems and eMTB mode at Interbike

Reutlingen, Germany / Irvine, CA – Bosch eBike Systems North America ( is highlighting two new systems and the new eMTB mode for the North American market for Model Year 2018. These innovations and more will be on display at Bosch’s Interbike 2017 booth (#17177) and available for experiencing first hand at the Interbike indoor test track “The Circuit” (#C11).

Active Line Plus: Quieter with zero resistance

From the days of launching our very first eBike system in Europe in 2010, Bosch’s goal has always been to make an eBike retain the natural feel of a traditional bicycle. The earliest generation of our product came close and quickly jump-started the “pedal-assist” eBike market in Europe. Our 2nd generation system came even closer and has been a big factor in the rise of pedal-assist eBikes in the US since 2014. Through non-stop innovation at our Stuttgart headquarters, our latest drive unit generation, dubbed Active Line Plus (ALP), closes the gap even further between an eBike and bicycle.

Key improvements

Smaller: the drive unit is 20% smaller (volumetric) which enables bike designs with a cleaner / integrated look, to more closely resemble traditional bikes. With the ALP, the drive unit is one step closer to disappearing within the frame of the bike.

Lighter: the ALP drive unit weighs approximately 7.1 lbs, a weight reduction of 19% compared with last year’s Active and Performance Line drive units. Lighter eBikes handle better during the ride and are easier to transport after the ride – both key enablers to eBike market growth.

Whisper-quiet: the completely re-designed drive unit features a new quieter gear concept and electric motor. As you pedal on a quiet road, now you just hear the wind in your face.

Zero pedalling resistance: due to this new gear concept, when the motor is in “off” mode or the rider surpasses the drive’s cut-off speed, the rider feels no more resistance in the pedals than on a traditional bicycle.

Multiple front chain ring possible: previously, all Bosch drive units allowed only one chain ring. ALP now features the ability to offer multiple front chain rings, for bikes that need a wider range of gears.

Superior range: the ALP combined with the 500Wh battery achieves 51 miles range (mixed-modes, favorable conditions), and a max of 130 miles-plus range (Eco mode, ideal conditions). This is achieved through key features such as high motor efficiency aand lower max torque (50 Nm), which is set deliberately lower than Performance Line to cater to commuters & more casual cyclists.

“The New Active Line Plus is our proudest achievement thus far for pavement-style eBikes,” said Claudia Wasko, General Manager of Bosch eBike Systems Americas. “Active Line Plus gives riders the fun of an eBike with the feel of a bicycle.”

Active Line: Lighter and smaller

The new Active Line has all the same key features as Active Line Plus with three key differences:

  • 40 Nm of torque rather than 50 Nm.
  • Weight is even less at 6.4 lbs.
  • 5% percent smaller than ALP.

eMTB Mode for Performance Line CX

A mode for eMountain bikers: eMTB mode replaces the previous Sport mode of the Performance Line CX and switches between the Tour and Turbo riding modes. Depending on the pedal pressure, the progressive motor support automatically adapts to the individual’s riding style. Without changing mode, the motor always provides support at the ideal power level, even at low cadences. eMTB mode is available to dealers in the form of a software update. “Our new eMTB mode is going to be a game changer for the e-mountain biker,” said Claudia Wasko, General Manager of Bosch eBike Systems Americas. “It takes trail riding to another level.”

Demo the future

Interbike 2017 show attendees will be able to demo many eBikes from Bosch’s new and existing brands at Outdoor Demo Day on Sept 18th and 19th and at the Bosch-sponsored indoor test track (“The Circuit”) on Sept 20th – 21st to try out Bosch’s new MY18 innovations. Dealers are also invited to attend seminars on eBike market trends, policy, technology, and more at the Bosch-sponsored “Electric Theatre”, located close to “The Circuit” Test Track, open Sept 20th and 21st 10AM – 5PM.