Real riding enjoyment

Because original equipment offers the greatest enjoyment and because safety is important to us, at Bosch eBike Systems we are committed to responsible eBiking in line with laws and regulations. After all, tuning pedelecs is a risky business: Using tuned eBikes on public roads may not only lead to technical problems but also result in serious legal consequences. 

In legal terms, pedelecs with a support capacity of up to 25 km/h and a motor with a continuous rated power of up to 250 watts are equivalent to bicycles. As a result, eBike owners do not require any extra insurance, registration number or driving licence and are permitted to use cycle and forest paths – a real bonus! It's in everyone's best interest to maintain this status if we are to enjoy the same rights and freedoms as other cyclists. Tuning eBikes puts this situation at risk – and that concerns us all!

What does "tuning" actually mean?

With the help of so-called "tuning dongles", as well as through chip tuning, it's possible to increase an eBike's maximum speed using the support provided by the motor. Legally speaking, whoever manipulates a pedelec and exceeds the actual 25 km/h support limit is no longer operating an electric bicycle with equivalent status to a non-motorised bicycle, but rather is riding a moped and must comply with the corresponding requirements when travelling on public roads! 

The risk: The risk is posed by the fact that tuning kits and other types of manipulation can damage the drive system as well as the bike itself. If an accident is caused by tuning, it may result in high liability costs as well as criminal prosecution. You risk losing your guarantee and invalidating your warranty claims.


„For most customers and dealers, the risks and dangers they're exposing themselves to aren't clear at all and neither are the harsh consequences they may face.“

Zweirad-Industrie-Verband (ZIV - Bicycle Industry Association)

Good reasons not to tune an eBike

Tuning isn't just some trivial offence 


Tuning is breaking the law, there's no doubt about it! Many people don't realise Using tuned eBikes on public roads may not only lead to technical problems but also result in serious legal consequences. that pedelecs with support up to 25 km/h and a rated continuous output of the motor of up to 250 watts are regarded as equivalent to bicycles by law and thus do not require vehicle insurance, a registration plate or a driving license. Tuning changes this status because a tuned eBike is usually considered as a moped. Among other things, people who operate a moped without proper liability insurance, license plate or driver's license, risk fines or imprisonment and possibly civil consequences such as liability for personal injury, should accidents occur. In addition, there is a risk that buyers could lose existing guarantee and warranty entitlements on the Bosch eBike system and other bicycle components if they have their eBikes tuned.

“It is important to us that eBikes - in other words pedelecs with maximum sup-port of 25 km/h - continue to be classified as bicycles in future, with all the associated rights and obligations. We must protect and preserve this status so that bikers can continue to enjoy an electric tailwind" Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems.

You pose a real danger to yourself and others


The technical manipulation of eBikes creates continuous loads that were not accounted for in the design and for which even the robust, high-performance components of Bosch eBike Systems are not designed. In this situation, it is mainly the brakes that are subject to increased loads. However, components such as the handlebars and fork are affected, as well as the frame and several other components. As a result, tuning compromises the safety of the pedelec as a whole, putting yourself as well as other road-users at risk. 

Fair play!


Tuning at sporting events is prohibited and is simply unfair. What counts in competition is the enjoyment and excitement you get by pitting yourself against others and mastering the challenge by honest means. Tuning and manipulation are incompatible with real sportsmanship! This comes down to physical fitness, riding technique and talent, in particular.


Greater awareness enhances safety

It is particularly important to be aware of and prevent the risks of eBike tuning. "It's our belief that hardly any eBike riders would make use of tuning tools if they could actually foresee the potential consequences in relation to warranty claims, resale, police checks or an accident."
– Siegfried Neuberger, Executive Director of Germany's ZIV bicycle industry association.

Bike dealers must also be aware that by offering tuning solutions, playing fast and loose with the risks and the regulations governing them and contributing to the spread of such solutions, they are putting the market for eBikes at risk. Our dealers can use the professional diagnostics solution from Bosch eBikes systems to read the software version, configuration data and error codes of the eBike components and update the eBike. In addition, the diagnostics tool offers tuning recognition and informs the dealer of any manipulation. In addition, the diagnostics tool offers tuning recognition and informs the dealer of any manipulation. The dealer can see whether the pedelec has been tuned and how often, even if the tuning kit was previously removed.

Bosch eBike Systems is collaborating closely with bicycle manufacturers, associations and public authorities to combat tuning. Germany's Zweirad-Industrie-Verband (bicycle industry association) has drafted a voluntary agreement for manufacturers against manipulation of eBike systems which Bosch co-initiated and proactively supports. This agreement contains a series of measures for combating eBike tuning such as networking the industry with dealer associations, consumer organisations, the police, accident researchers, experts, testing institutes and the trade press.

"At Bosch eBike Systems we are committed to responsible eBiking. This is why we're persistently fighting the practice of tuning and are continuing to develop our technology further." 

Claus Fleischer, Managing Director of Bosch eBike Systems

Protecting the system

The software of the Bosch eBike systems can detect whether the pedelec has been tuned by means of a sensor while riding. It then switches to emergency mode. Consequence: an error code in the display indicates manipulation and support is reduced. The eBiker can restore the original riding settings by riding the pedelec for around 90 minutes. As soon as the system returns to normal mode, however, the manipulation check will be repeated. After the third time, limp home mode can only be deactivated by a specialist dealer using the Bosch DiagnosticTool.
Thus, this measure increases protection for both the pedelec and the rider. After all, improper use of the system usually reduces the service life and eBikers risk damaging the drive unit and the bike itself. The safety of a tuned eBike can no longer be guaranteed: components and the bike itself are exposed to unforeseen stresses - and the consequences are difficult to predict..

Cycling is better without tuning

Whether as a means of transport for getting to work, relaxed journeys in the town or country, or as an item of sports equipment: there has long been an established use of eBikes in almost all areas and they have found many devoted fans in all age groups. Both the young and the old are enthusiastic about this new, environmentally-friendly form of mobility and enjoy the new freedom of movement that pedelecs offer. The high-performance components from Bosch eBike Systems make cycling a truly carefree experience. The electric drive puts an end to the slog of energy-sapping bike trips, offering comfortable support that can be adjusted to suit individual needs. Tuning is therefore completely unnecessary for fully enjoying everything that eBikes have to offer. On the contrary: tuning ruins the real fun of it all – whether it's on relaxed rides or in competition.