Exploring Brisbane

Life on eBikes

Dieter and Fiona decided to downsize to a one car household and use eBikes to get to work and explore the best of Brisbane City.

Exploring Brisbane

Life on eBikes

Dieter and Fiona decided to downsize to a one car household and use eBikes to get to work and explore the best of Brisbane City.

"I decided to get an eBike because I wanted to carry a load and ride up the hills without too much hassle. That was my goal, to be able to do things without the car." 

Dieter Ongsansoy and Fiona Fischer are based in Paddington, Brisbane, Queensland. Fiona rides an Orbea Katu and Dieter rides a Riese & Muller Packster 40, both Bosch ePowered eBikes. The couple decided to downsize to having only one car in the household and use eBikes to get to work and explore the best of Brisbane City.

"I am obsessed with trying to do things on the bike without a car so going shopping, going to work without sweating, after work I will grab shopping, it opens me up to a whole bunch of other things. Where we live is really hilly so the eBike has made life a lot easier, especially not having to drive the car around and find parking around here," said Dieter.

"I got an eBike because I really wanted to explore a different side to Brisbane when I was commuting and travelling."

The beauty about riding an eBike is that you're out and about, you feel the sun and go on different bike paths that you can't go on by car. It's about trying to not get in the car and be out, be in the community a lot more and having an eBike fits that solution for." 

"It's all about living an active lifestyle and getting that exercise as we need to and exploring a different side to Brisbane," Fiona said.

Dieter has two Bosch ePowered eBikes and takes Jerry, their dog, everywhere the eBike goes. Jerry weighs 16kg and Dieter's eBike allows him to take the weight of Jerry plus shopping, all while out and about doing errands. Dieter says that riding an eBike has opened up a lot of exploration for the couple finding new parts of Brisbane, riding to the park on the weekend with their dog Jerry and parking up at their favourite cafes and restaurants.  

"I love to explore Brisbane as I am new to Brisbane. I love to ride around with my mate. We can do a week's worth of shopping with two of our eBikes and be able to fill the fridge, including all the heavy stuff, easily. That's the best part of it. Don't need to mess around and find a park," Dieter mentioned.

Fiona said there is a lot to love about her eBike and especially loves the ride along the Brisbane River and into the city.
"It gives me the ability to go into the city easily and carry bags and shopping. It's such a beautiful ride into the city. It goes back to being out and in nature and seeing things in a very different perspective than you would with a car."

Dieter added that he liked the challenge of carrying obscure things on the bike like plants and paint from Bunnings, compost and household items.

"Jerry and I go out and grab it. I like the challenge of seeing what I can carry on my eBike and really being able to push that motor. The motor is awesome," said Dieter.

Dieter and Fiona shared that there is always a spare eBike at their place for when friends and family visit. They often do city tours of Brisbane with their friends, bike to a restaurant and café for lunch, a picnic spot and park in West End and Jerry gets just as much enjoyment from being on the eBike and exploring Brisbane as the humans of the household.  

"To see Jerry's face, he's just in heaven. Whether it's going down a hill or cruising up a hill, I have never seen him happier," Fiona said.

Why Bosch?

"I decided on Bosch for the electric bike system. I like to go deep with my research on eBikes and I could see that the motor in the crank, it seems to be the best way to transmit power. One of the needs I had was to go uphill and the Bosch eBike system seems is the best to carry you uphill and maintain constant power. The other thing I like is that it's   I jump on it and ride and know it's going to work. I have that confidence in it. I have always wanted something that has good aftercare and I know that I can head to Electric Bikes Brisbane to help me out," Dieter said.

"I ride my eBike everywhere," added Fiona.
"My eBike has given me a lot of chances to explore places that I just can't get to in a car, it's given me alot of fun," said Dieter.