New features for the eBike Flow app and navigation for Kiox 300

First things first
  • After you have updated the eBike Flow app, please make sure that you also update your eBike with the smart system. Only then can you use the functions and improvements that we have listed here.
  • The navigation feature for your Kiox 300 display is here! Once connected to your smart system eBike, plan and start your ride using your smartphone. Kiox 300 will auto-magically show the planned route in a clear and minimalist way – so you can focus on what is in front of you on the road or trail. And there’s more: Start pedalling and the view on the display rotates in the direction of movement while riding. Get turn-by-turn directions. Take a detour, and you will instantly get new directions. Get notified when you lose satellite connection. On top of all of that, you can see detailed information about your trip – such as the estimated time of arrival, for example.
Service book
  • Your Bosch eBike dealer can now synchronise the data from your service appointments to the eBike Flow app. Just visit the ‘My eBike’ section in the app settings and find out what was taken care of when your eBike went in for a service. And remember to give your two-wheeler specialist a friendly hint on this new feature, too! 
Recent searches
  • You don't need to keep searching for the same address or location. Just tap in the ‘search’ field on the map screen to view your recently searched items.
New displays and control units
  • Do you have our new System Controller, Mini Remote or Intuvia 100 installed on your eBike? Our eBike Flow app now supports these, too!
Shift recommendation
  • Kiox 300 now features a shift recommendation and shows you when you should shift up or down a gear.