What are the requirements for using the navigation function in conjunction with the eBike display?

Permissions required by the eBike Flow app:

Navigation with the display works best if you allow the eBike Flow app to also use your location when the app is in background mode.

  • Use the following setting for smartphones with the iOS operating system:
    Set the authorisation under "Location" to Always.

  • Use the following settings for smartphones with the Android operating system: if you have enabled the Geolocation data option, you should set the location permission to Always allow.

General speaking, in order to use the navigation with the display, Bluetooth must be activated, the eBike and the smartphone must be connected and the smartphone must have a stable internet connection for initial planning as well as rerouting (when leaving the route).

Software requirements:
To use the navigation function, at least the following software versions are required:

eBike Flow App Version: 1.8

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