Security first: new features for the eBike Flow app (08/2023)

As varied as your routine eBike life - customised display

Whether you're on the way to work, on windy trail rides or exploring new routes: every moment on the eBike is unique. This deserves an equally unique display. The Kiox 300 or Kiox 500 lets you decide what you want to see. You can customise existing screens directly in the app - from the ride data displayed to the sequence of information. But why not take things even further? With more than 30 items of information available and customisable ads, you can create your own personal display. Choose between layouts with one, two or three tiles and set everything up according to your preferences. This ensures you always have an overview of what is important to you.


Taking security to the next level

You may already be familiar with our eBike Lock function, which turns your smartphone into a digital key. We take things one step further: This update gives you another "key option" for securing and unlocking your eBike - the Kiox 300 or Kiox 500. This feature is the intuitive way to protect your eBike. How does that work? It's as intuitive as it sounds: simply remove the display from the mount and stow it safely. Motor support is now deactivated and your eBike is protected against theft.

Want to saddle up for your next ride? Reinstall the display and use it to activate motor support. Intuitive handling, simple security.

Share the riding fun, not your smartphone - Kiox 300 and Kiox 500 as the key

Love spending time on your eBike and want to share the enjoyment with family or friends? This is now much easier. You can set up multiple displays as keys for an eBike without having to hand over your smartphone. This option is available with the Kiox 300 or Kiox 500. It makes it easier for others to use and ride your eBike. You can find this function in the eBike Flow app settings under My eBike > Lock & Alarm.


Full control using smartphone unlocking - twice the security

We don't want to compromise on theft protection - even if your mind is somewhere else during your coffee break. The new update adds an extra layer of security to close this gap.

As you relax in your favourite café with your eBike parked outside, you can use the "Hold to unlock" button in the eBike Flow app to make sure that no one unlocks your eBike unintentionally. Simply deactivate the "Automatic unlock" function in the settings and your eBike will remain locked.

When you are ready to continue your journey, simply press and hold down the "Hold to unlock" button to manually unlock your eBike. A short beep confirms unlocking. This is how we combine comfort and safety - just as you expect from your eBike experience.

Ready to take your eBike experience to the next level? The eBike Flow app update makes security, sharing and control more effortless than ever. Your eBike is calling - saddle up and let the adventure begin.