Bosch completes annual Dealer Camps in New Zealand

In September, Bosch conducted the second ever Dealer Camp series in New Zealand, hosting interactive workshops in six locations across the country.

The camps offered local dealers the opportunity to receive hands-on training under the guidance of Bosch’s Technical Experts to help improve their product knowledge and expertise, and gain confidence in driving eBike servicing and sales efficiencies.

This year, there were over 160 dealers in attendance from 105 bike stores, with half of the dealers attending for the first time – with many commenting on the value of the practical servicing experience, as well as the strength and diversity of Bosch’s product portfolio as they are now able to offer extensive options to suit all types of riders.

Bosch’s Technical Expert, Cameron Burke, commented on the camps, saying “this year our aim was to expand our offering to more dealers across New Zealand and from the great turn out its clear the eBike market is growing at a really healthy pace.”

“Dealers gave some great feedback on the state of the industry and our new product portfolio, particularly the 32km/h drive unit which was designed and introduced specifically with the New Zealand market in mind.

We look for to working with our partners in New Zealand to develop our service offering and grow the eBike sector even further.”

As the pedelec trend continues to grow in New Zealand, consumers are starting to understand the quality and innovation of Bosch’s mid-drive pedelec motors and through continued investment in educating and supporting local dealers, we hope to contribute to the growth of eBike culture more broadly.