The Nyon computer - a smarter, more intuitive and more connected generation. This is what Connected Biking feels like.

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The Nyon computer - a smarter, more intuitive and more connected generation. This is what Connected Biking feels like.

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Versatile and clever

The Nyon is the perfect companion for embarking on your fully connected eBike experience. Nyon connects to your smartphone with the eBike Connect app and exchanges data about routes and activities. The color display serves as an intelligent guide when you are exploring new places and as your personal trainer by providing you with fitness data. The touch screen makes the all-in-one computer both intuitive and easy to use, and is operated using the separate control unit during your ride. Whether you're using your eBike for long rides or short everyday trips, the robust, easy-to-read display ensures that you are ready for all requirements and weather conditions. The Nyon computer – for a smarter, more intuitive and connected generation. This is what Connected Biking feels like.


Simple operation

A convenient option: Nyon is intuitive to use thanks to the touch screen function and can be operated using the separate control unit during your ride.       

Award-winning design

Impressive both inside and out: The 3.2-inch high-resolution color display combines smart functions with an elegant design that has won a Red Dot Design Award.

Optimum readability

A clear view in any light: The display brightness and backlight automatically adapt to the ambient light. A special coating reduces glare and finger marks. You can choose between a dark and a bright display with maximum contrast.

Individual screens

Focus on the essential: You can customize the user interface of the display to suit your specific requirements. This gives you a clear view of the information that you need at all times. 

Always ready for action

Whatever the weather: The touch screen of the robust display remains fully functional even when exposed to rain or dust and can be operated while wearing bike gloves. 

Savings Screen

If you want to find out what savings are possible by using your eBike instead of your car, for example CO2, check out the information on the updated savings screen. This is enabled in the screen management settings. You can also compare the current and previous week, as well as select a different currency or consumption value in the settings.

Smart connectivity functions

Perfectly connected: Nyon is part of an intelligently connected system and opens the door to the connected eBike World of Bosch thanks to the eBike Connect smartphone app and online portal.

Data synchronization

Constant communication: As soon as Nyon connects to your smartphone or Wi-Fi, the computer connects to your eBike Connect account and automatically synchronizes the riding data.

Choose your ideal position

Optimum position: To ensure the best possible readability, the display mount has two installation positions. The center mounting position above the handlebar is designed to meet the needs of eMTB riders, while tour riders can place the mount further forward.

One device, several users

One for all: You can share your Nyon with friends or family – everyone can then synchronize their riding data with their own account.

Software updates

Always up-to-date: Software updates or new maps can be conveniently downloaded and installed over the air.  


Track fitness goals

Set personal goals and track them directly on Nyon: calories burned, distance, elevation – per week, month, or year. By tapping on the goals screen, you can switch between the different views to follow your progress live.

Your Nyon – the gateway to the Bosch eBike World


Get moving faster

Find what you need more easily: The most recent destinations are clearly listed and can be selected directly. You can also save your home or work address in the online portal. 

Back to where you started

No more getting lost: You can save your current location manually so that you can navigate back to this starting position at any time. 

Easy control

Clever solution: The touch screen gives you convenient access to functions that allow you to enter the next destination, zoom in on and move the map section and select the destination on the map. Acoustic signals let you know when the next turn is coming up so that you can concentrate fully on your ride.

Route planning

Good planning is everything. In the eBike Connect online portal you can conveniently plan your routes and transfer them to the Nyon on-board computer. Planned stopovers are displayed as waypoints during navigation with Nyon. Thanks to the integration of Outdooractive, Nyon users can choose between a variety of bike rides in the online portal; in addition, routes as well as activities are automatically synchronized between eBike Connect and komoot.

Topographical residual range

Quick updates: On a map you can see how much further you are likely to get in the current support mode, taking the geographic conditions into account. You can use this additional information to better plan your route. 

Range information

For long-lasting riding enjoyment: When planning your ride, Nyon indicates whether the destination can be reached with the set motor support. You are informed if a different support mode should be selected during your ride.

Weather forecast

Multiple options

Always informed: Get live AccuWeather forecasts such as current weather and temperature, the probability of rain or the UV index and the forecasts for the next five hours directly on the screen.


Easy handling: Activate the function via Settings > Screen Management and make sure that Nyon is connected to an internet-enabled smartphone via Bluetooth and the eBike Connect app is started.


Available everywhere: You can also find the feature in the eBike Connect portal under Route Planning > Build Route. Select a starting point to get the weather forecast for that specific location.


Apple Health and Google Fit

Connect the eBike Connect app with Apple Health or Google Fit. From now on, your recorded rides will be transferred automatically.

Fitness check

Targeted fitness goals: The computer uses pedal force and cadence to calculate the eBiker's performance. In addition, it also shows the current calorie consumption and can be combined with an optional heart rate monitor. This makes it easier to attain fitness goals.

Online analysis

For an optimum overview: In the eBike Connect smartphone app or online portal, you can receive a graphical representation and detailed analysis of your performance. This enables you to adapt the training to reach your goals.        

Comparing performance

Increasing motivation: Nyon compares the speed, power and cadence of the current ride with the average values and shows you whether your own performance is better or worse than the average value. 

Sharing fitness data

Connected with other riders: eBikers can easily share their recorded data and rides with apps like Strava and komoot. Once the setup is complete, data is automatically synchronised. 

Premium function


Intelligent additional theft protection: Available for a small fee, the 'Lock' premium function disengages motor support when Nyon is removed. The electronic lock only unlocks again when the same computer is re-connected.

Individual ride modes

Adaptability: This premium function, which can be purchased in the eBike Connect smartphone app, allows riders to create and configure their own riding modes. This allows motor support for different speeds to be perfectly adapted to a rider's personal riding style.

Intelligently connected – the Bosch eBike World

eBike Connect smartphone app

The eBike Connect App connects eBikers to the digital world. When the smartphone is connected to Nyon via Bluetooth, the riding data is synchronized automatically. Users can change their settings, create and transfer route plans in the app. The app also provides additional premium functions for creating a personal, connected and interactive eBike experience.

Google Play Store 

Apple App Store

eBike Connect online portal

All data at a glance

eBikers have all relevant information in view on their tablet or PC in the eBike Connect online portal. All riding data can also be easily analysed there after a trip. Data is transferred easily between the online portal and Nyon via WiFi.

eBike Connect

Always optimally supported

Riding modes

The riding modes for eBikes with Bosch drive are precisely adapted to the riding situation and the respective eBike type.

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Always optimally supported

Riding modes

The riding modes for eBikes with Bosch drive are precisely adapted to the riding situation and the respective eBike type.

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Explore product combinations

Which app goes with which battery, Which eBike motor matches which display? The overview of product combinations indicates the compatibilities between all Bosch eBike components.

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Nyon and eShift

Nyon is also available with eShift, the integrated electronic gear shifting solution offered by Bosch eBike Systems in cooperation with gear shifting system manufacturers enviolo, Rohloff and Shimano. A solution for every riding style that offers many advantages: greater comfort, barely perceptible gear shifting and more riding enjoyment.

Further information

Nyon and 'Lock'

Peace of mind when parking: The Lock premium function makes your Nyon the key to greater security. This function allows motor support to be disabled by unplugging the computer, making the eBike unattractive to thieves. It is the ideal complement to a mechanical lock.

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This is how Nyon is operated

Retrofitting the Nyon

Check the "Accessories & Retrofitting" page to find out whether the Nyon is compatible with your eBike and how to carry out a retrofit.

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Retrofitting the Nyon

Check the "Accessories & Retrofitting" page to find out whether the Nyon is compatible with your eBike and how to carry out a retrofit.

Retrofit now

Kiox Quick Start Guide

See how to quickly operate the Kiox display.

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FAQs & more

Nyon supports the following languages: German, English, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese for Taiwan, Norwegian, Czech, Finnish and Polish.

Yes, there will still be software and map updates.

No, it is not possible to charge your smartphone.

You can either set the brightness of your Nyon display manually or automatically.

To do this, go to the status screen* :  > System Settings > Brightness.

You can determine the intensity of the brightness control in automatic mode - if your eyes are rather sensitive to bright light, move the slider into the minus range; if you need more brightness, move the slider to the right.

Regardless of your settings, the display brightness is controlled automatically - but it takes your personal preference into account.

  • The status screen is marked with a square.

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