I tried to connect my eBike to the eBike Flow App for the first time. However, I'm having problems. What can I do?

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Instructions on how to connect your eBike with the eBike Flow app can be found here. If that doesn't work check the following:

1. The eBike Flow app can only be used with the latest smart system eBike generation from Bosch. Check whether your eBike is compatible here.

2. Make sure to have your eBike and smartphone nearby and that both devices are switched on.

3. Always check your internet and Bluetooth are on. For Android smartphones, please also enable location services.

4. Check the state-of-charge of your smartphone. If necessary charge your smartphone. For Android please also check the battery saving mode settings on your smartphone. If this setting is enabled, Bluetooth will be turned off.

5. Switch the eBike and the Smartphone off and on again.

6. Could another user have already connected to your eBike? If that's the case then follow the instructions here.

Have you ever connected your eBike? Then you can find here tips if the connection does not work.

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