My trips are not displayed or are displayed incorrectly in the eBike Connect app or portal. What can I do?

Please check the following points:

  • Agree to the transfer of geolocation data before starting the ride so that your riding data is synchronised with the app and the portal. For this purpose, go to More>  Settings > Privacy settings in the eBike Connect app

  • Check if Nyon and eBike Connect app are connected and your smartphone is connected to the Internet. Alternatively, you can log into Nyon directly with your eBike Connect account (status screen (marked with a square) **  > My profile > Via WiFi**)

  • There may be delays in processing the rides. Please check again that the rides are visible later

  • Enable location tracking permission for eBike Connect in your smartphone settings:
    For Android smartphones, set to Always allow.
    For iPhones, set to Always

  • For Android smartphones, additionally check if the eBike Connect app is excluded from battery optimisation in the smartphone settings.

Tip: You can view the last synchronisation of the rides:

  1. In the eBike Connect app under Activities (depending on smartphone e.g. Settings > Apps > eBike Connect > Permissions.
  2. On the Nyon in the status screen under Sync

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Any questions?
We're happy to help.