How can I activate and use eBike Lock and deactivate it?

Activate eBike Lock:

To activate eBike Lock, make sure your smartphone is connected to your eBike via Bluetooth.

Then go to  Settings > eBike Settings > eBike Lock in the eBike Flow app.

If you can't find eBike Lock in the settings, check out the troubleshooting steps here.

If eBike Lock is activated, the motor support is automatically locked every time you switch off your eBike. Turn off your eBike by pressing the On/Off button on your LED Remote. Also, your eBike will automatically turn off if it is not used for 10 minutes or if you remove your eBike battery.

To unlock your eBike, turn it on and make sure you have your smartphone nearby. Also make sure Bluetooth is enabled and the eBike Flow app is running in the background.

After your eBike is turned on, the LED Remote will start flashing and looking for your smartphone to unlock your eBike. Your eBike will be unlocked as soon as your smartphone is recognized

To make sure that your eBike is locked, you can activate a lock tone under  Settings > eBike settings > eBike Lock > Lock tone.

If unlocking doesn't work, check out the troubleshooting steps here.

Tip for Android users:
If unlocking takes a very long time, try to exclude the eBike Flow app from all power saving functions.

Deactivate eBike Lock:

Go to  Settings > eBike Settings > eBike Lock.

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