It’s Time to Buy an eBike

It’s Time to Buy an eBike

Riding bikes feels good, but you know what doesn't  - climbing urban mountains, being weighed down by a load of groceries, and exhausting commutes. Change your life and buy an electric bike. For over a decade, Bosch has been offering innovative eBike systems (displays, drive units and batteries) of outstanding performance and quality. Your pedaling is assisted by the electric motor --up to 340%!  So ditch the traffic, get more exercise and have a blast along the way. 

Flatten hills with eBike wizardry - leaving the house to get groceries is no longer a chore, it’s an experience!

IFHT Presents: It's Time to Buy an eBike

When you ride an eBike, there's no destination too far, cargo too heavy, or ride too long! Crush your daily commute with our Performance Line Speed motor on the Allant+9, which comes equipped with the SmartphoneHub display.

Not interested in using an eBike for commuting? Have fun keeping up (and passing) friends and family on an eBike like the Verve+3. Check out the eBikes featured in the video at a bike shop near you.

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