"The Cargo eBike is my car."

On the road with Slow Food entrepreneur Laura Schälchli.

"The Cargo eBike is my car."

On the road with Slow Food entrepreneur Laura Schälchli.

Laura Schälchli is a committed Slow Food entrepreneur and realizes her passion for sustainably and fairly produced food as co-founder of the chocolate factory Laflor. But that's not all - she wants to be a role model and inspire others to live more consciously. This is not only reflected in the high standards she sets at Laflor in terms of sustainability, quality and design, but also in Laura's everyday life: With her Cargo eBike, she leads the way in sustainable mobility and explains how easily and efficiently she can do her shopping, deliver to customers and commute to work every day.

If you ask Laura Schälchli from Switzerland what her job title is, she doesn't immediately say "I'm an entrepreneur", but tells you a story. This began over 20 years ago in New York, where she studied design management. During this time, Laura became very interested in what and how we eat - the beginning of her passion for the Slow Food movement.

To pursue her passion, Laura left the design business and became an independent entrepreneur. She started delivering healthy lunchboxes to New York business people and opened a catering and consulting company when she returned to Switzerland. When she founded the Slow Food company Laflor, Laura once again ventured into the unknown. Her vision? Sustainability from the cocoa bean to the chocolate bar. It sounds so easy, but is actually a lot of work.

Raw materials delivered by sailing ship

Laura is convinced that sustainable production and awareness of this influences the quality of the food. At Laflor, the cocoa beans therefore come from suppliers she knows personally and are sometimes delivered to Europe by sailing ship. In the factory in Zurich, the beans are processed into chocolate by hand and delivered by Cargo eBike. Details you can taste.

Chocolate that recreates traditional weaving

In addition to sustainability, Laflor stands for a unique chocolate design. The pattern in the chocolate bars also has a special meaning: It reflects the weave of a loom. The name Laflor does not come from the Spanish, as one might assume, but was an old, local silk factory in Zurich.

Combining awareness and efficiency

Since it was founded, laflor has stood for shaping life in a meaningful and conscious way - Laura embodies these values. This is possible thanks to her Cargo eBike, which enables her to organize her everyday life in Zurich sustainably and efficiently. This includes shopping at weekly markets and local producers as well as her daily commute to work, which has become a conscious experience with the Cargo eBike.

"Today, the Cargo eBike is my car. I love cruising through the city on it and being able to do everything."

"I've found that the quality of the food improves when I'm more aware of where something comes from."