Get your eBike Ready for springtime!

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Get your eBike Ready for springtime!

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Before riding your eBike in the new season, it should be comprehensively checked by an authorised dealer. Bosch eBike expert dealer Markus Unger from Vit Bikes provides tips for the perfect spring check:

1. Brakes

Especially with eBikes, it is important that the bicycle is brought in to the dealership at least once a year for servicing. This is because an eBike is more complex than a normal bicycle. On most hydraulic brakes, it is important to test that the system will still withstand the pressures demanded under braking. Moreover, the brake discs should be checked for possible discolouration. Of course, in their workshops, specialist dealers also check the wear to the brake pads, replace them if required and fill and bleed the brake system as necessary. In the case of rim brakes, whether or not the brake pads still fulfil their purpose is usually quickly recognisable.

2. Chain and sprocket

Wear to the chain and sprocket is checked in the workshop using a special gauge. The degree of wear is directly dependent on how the chain and sprocket of the eBike is cared for. Most suitable for this are high-quality chain lubricants, which should be applied at least once a month. Incidentally, used tooth and dishwashing brushes are useful for cleaning chains.

3. Tyres

On eBikes, the tyre pressure has a significant influence on the battery range. A tyre loses approximately one bar of pressure per month and should therefore be checked regularly, especially following a long winter break. The minimum and maximum pressure for the relevant model is given on the sidewall of the tyre by the manufacturer. Important: A "thumb test" is not sufficient. A pump with manometer or a special pressure gauge is recommended. At this point, it should also be checked whether the tyres have become brittle or exhibit cracks and that they have sufficient tread.

4. Battery

At the start of the season, it is also worth checking the battery capacity, especially following a long period of non-use. The Bosch eBike experts have a special tester which allows them to check the efficiency of a battery. The battery should be charged in a dry location and at room temperature. For the cold spring days, it is worthwhile purchasing a neoprene protector for the battery.

5. System and software

When performing a system check on the eBike , specialist dealers can check whether the on-board computer, battery and motor are performing correctly using the diagnostic tool from Bosch. The system check also includes confirmation that the system software is up-to-date or informes if a software update is necessary.

6. Care and safety

Ideally, the eBike will have been cleaned before being put into storage. However, if it is still dirty, it should be cleaned using a suitable cleaning product. Here, it must be ensured that the contacts on the battery and display remain dry. Also recommended: A check of whether the sprung elements are adapted to the purpose of use and overall weight and that all screws are securely tightened - especially in the case of the saddle, stem and handlebar. Incidentally, the specialist dealer will detect other faults or defects during servicing. This prevents any consequential damage.