Your eBike –

Your best decision

Enjoying the view to Alsace with the Bosch eBike

Your eBike –

Your best decision

Understanding the eBike

Everything you need to know about eBikes

What is an eBike system? How is an eBike different from a bicycle? Will an eBike suit me and my lifestyle, and if so, which one? What should I look out for when buying an eBike?

When you start to look for the right eBike, a host of questions arise. We can help you to find a quick and clear path through the eBike jungle and explain the most important points relating to the eBike and what you should watch for when buying.    

Drive unit, display, battery and app – the perfect team

eBike components


Intelligence on your handlebar

Bosch eBike displays offer a perfect companion for every requirement – from the purist control unit to the all-in-one on-board computer or the smartphone solution on the handlebars. In order to be able to compare the various displays and make an informed decision, it is helpful to differentiate between connected and non-connected displays.

Purion and Intuvia are the right choice for riders who want an easy-to-use display: they offer a quick and clear overview of the essential riding data. Anyone who likes to plan their routes and digitally track and analyse riding data should choose a connected Bosch display solution. Compact, robust and integrated with the Bosch eBike Connect world, Kiox offers all the functions that an ambitious sporty rider could need. Nyon is the ultimate all-in-one display and combines fully connected navigation, eBike control and fitness training in a single device.

Apps & portal

How Connected Biking works

Whether for navigation, route planning or fitness: The smart connectivity of your eBike with apps and the online portal makes your riding experience even more unique. You can access numerous functions at all times - and are always connected to the digital world, even when you're on the move.

Bosch Batteries

Packed with power

Bosch batteries are an efficient, long-life energy source. Thanks to their enormous mileage, long service life and intelligent battery management system, Bosch lithium-ion batteries are among the most modern on the market. Bosch eBike rechargeable batteries combine low weight with ergonomic design and simple handling. The Battery Management System of the high-quality lithium-ion batteries detects potential sources of error and protects cells from overloading. There is a suitable rechargeable battery for every requirement and every type of eBike, from the rack variant, via the frame battery to the integrated solution. The DualBattery is perfect for touring bikers, long-distance commuters or cargo bikers. The combination of two Bosch batteries delivers up to 1,250 Watt hours.

Drive Units

The heart of eBikes

Seamless or powerful – most importantly: natural. Drive units from Bosch eBike Systems give you a unique riding sensation. Three sensors measure the rider's pedal power, cadence and speed over 1,000 times per second. This facilitates an organic interplay between you and your eBike. The Drive unit of the smart system, the new system generation of Bosch eBike Systems, ensures a unique eBike experience. The smart system combines sophisticated high-quality eBike components with digital functions, is fully connected and always up to date thanks to regular updates over-the-air.

Which eBike fits you?

Which eBike fits you?

The eCity bike

eCity bikes are the perfect way to get around the city. The comfortable upright seating position and the range of urban features, including mudguards and lights guarantee maximum comfort.

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All eCity bike models

The eMountain bike/fully

The eMountain bike and eMTB are true to their sporting genes. With the sprung front fork (Hardtail) and full rear suspension (Fully), it offers a smooth ride and allows for a safe riding sensation even off the beaten track.

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The eTrekking bike

The eTrekking Bike is designed for longer bike trips or excursions. The eTrekking bike is distinguished by its upright to sporty seating position and touring equipment with lights, luggage rack and mudguard.

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All eTrekking bike models

The eCargo bike

The eCargo combines the technology of a cargo bike with the drive of an eBike. A special feature is the loading area in the front between the steering column and the front wheel, which is perfect for transporting children or shopping.

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The eGravel bike

eGravel bikes are the comfortable, off-road version of an eRoad bike. Although the forward leaning seating position is very sporty, the wide tyres and large wheels provide more comfort when riding.  

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The range assistant

The range of Bosch batteries depends on numerous different factors. You can use the range assistant to calculate the range of the support you can expect from your eBike system on your next ride in various conditions. 

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