Energy in an instant


Energy in an instant

Bosch chargers are handy, lightweight and robust, but more importantly, charge your battery quickly. Standard, Compact or Travel Charger? You decide what type of charger you need. On the terrace, in the garage, on journeys or in the office: Compact Bosch Chargers can charge your eBike anywhere so you can set off again in no time at all.

Compact and lightweight
The Bosch eBike Charger is only about half the size of a drinks bottle and tips the scales at only 800 grams.

Functional, robust and silent
An ergonomically shaped charging plug ensures easy handling while the device fits easily into a suitcase due to its extremely compact dimensions. The enclosed housing gives the charger extra stability and protection from dirt while the battery charges without making disturbing sounds.

Standard Charger

The robust functional Standard Charger is the fastest Bosch charger, yet has the same dimensions and weight as a water bottle (less than 800 grams). And like all Bosch chargers, it operates silently.

Compact Charger

The Compact Charger is the ideal charger for people who are constantly on the move. It weighs less than 600 grams and is only 40% smaller than the Standard Charger – small enough to fit into any saddlebag. The Compact Charger can also be used in the USA, Canada and Australia.

Travel Charger

With the Travel Charger, you can also easily recharge your pedelec while away from home – by plugging it into the cigarette lighter socket of your car or mobile home. Clever: The device, which barely weights 500 g (17.5 oz.), features an integrated discharge protection unit for use with car batteries.

The details at a glance

Standard ChargerCompact ChargerTravel Charger
Charging currentmax. 4 Amax. 2 Amax. 2 A
Voltage220-240 V100-240 V12 V
Size (approx.) ca. 190 x 86 x 54 mm ca. 160 x 75 x 45 mmca. 190 x 86 x 54 mm
Cable lengths (approx.)

AC-Input: ca. 1.5 m,
DC-Output ca. 1.0 m

AC-Input: ca. 1.5 m,
DC-Output ca. 1.0 m
DC-Input: ca. 1.0 m,
DC-Output ca. 1.0 m
PlugCountry-specific power plugCountry-specific power plug12 V cigarette lighter + 12 V vehicle socket (via adapter cap)
Weight (approx.)ca. 800 Grammca. 600 Grammca. 500 Gramm
CompatibilityCX / Performance / Active Line compatible, Classic+ Line compatible via adapter plug (optional part)
Charging timeCharging timeCharging time
PowerPack 5004.5 h7.5 h7.5 h
PowerPack 4003.5 h6.5 h6.5 h
PowerPack 3002.5 h5.0 h5.0 h
DualBattery 10009.0 h15 h15 h
DualBattery 8007.0 h13 h13 h

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