What is the savings tile, how can I add the tile and set the values?

Overview of savings tile:

With the savings tile, the power consumption of the eBike is converted to a currency (e.g., Euro) and compared and displayed with the fuel consumption of a passenger car converted to the same currency. Alternatively, you can track the amount of CO2 emissions you can save with your eBike compared to trips by car.

The cumulative values for the current week can be compared with the cumulative values for the previous week. A live value is also displayed at the top of the tile, which calculates the savings per hour based on the current riding conditions.

Add savings tile:

In the status screen* go to **  > Screens & Tiles > Screen Management > + > Predefined Screen > Savings.** Select where you want to insert the screen.

You will find more screen management tips in this  video

Set savings tile values:

In the status screen*, go to **  > Screens & Tiles > Tile Settings > Savings.**

Here you can set the currency, electricity prices, and the car's consumption, for example.

Tip: By tapping on the savings screen, you can switch between the two views: Money or CO2 savings.

  • The status screen is marked with a square.

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