How can I enable and disable the komoot connection?

Enable komoot connection:

You can synchronize your activity data tracked with the eBike Flow app to komoot. Once connected, the eBike Flow app will send activity data automatically after each new ride.

To connect the eBike Flow app with komoot:

  • Go to  Settings in the eBike Flow app, open Connected services > komoot.
  • Tap Connect on the next screen.
  • Log in to komoot with your credentials.
  • Grant Access to Bosch to access your public komoot profile and your tour list for account authorization.
  • Once you have completed your bike trip, your activity data will be sent to komoot automatically and will appear under your Completed Tours a few moments later.

Disable komoot connection:

  • In the eBike Flow app, go to  Settings > Connected services > komoot.
  • Tap Disconnect from komoot on the next screen.
  • This action will stop data being sent from the eBike Flow app to komoot. Please note that the data previously synced to komoot will not be affected and will still be visible under your Completed Tours.

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