The powerhouse among drive units

Performance Line CX

The powerhouse among drive units

Performance Line CX

Success together

The powerful drive unit compensates for differences in performance. Push yourselves to top performance as a group!

Your training

Select the riding mode that suits you, feel the training effect and improve your form.

Safe riding enjoyment

Smart support, more protection for you and your eBike, and more control ensure more riding enjoyment.

The latest technology

High-quality processing, strong performance and high-end sensor system. Make full use of the drive unit’s abilities.

Smart system or Bosch eBike system 2

Performance Line CX – an overview

Bosch eBike Systems Performance Line CX Drive Unit

The smart system is fully connected and always up to date thanks to regular over-the-air updates.

Performance Line CX – the smart system

Maximum torque

Performance Line CX supports with torque of up to 85 Nm – for powerful acceleration with compact dimensions.

Special riding modes
  • Sport and eMTB
  • Tour and Tour+
  • Auto
Speed sensor

The Performance Line CX in the smart system has a wired speed sensor with spoke magnet or brake disc magnet, or a wireless speed sensor with rim magnet.

Smart Walk Assist and Hill Hold

Smart Walk Assist makes steep climbs easier to master while walking, including the Hill Hold function – the automatic rollback protection.

Customize riding modes

Free feature

eBike Lock
  • eBike Lock, as additional theft protection for your eBike, is a free feature in the smart system.
  • Activate motor support using your smartphone as a digital key.

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All components are coordinated and compatible with each other.

Performance Line CX

Maximum torque

Performance Line CX supports with torque of up to 85 Nm – for powerful acceleration with compact dimensions.

Special riding modes
  • Sport or eMTB
  • Tour or Tour+
Speed sensor

The Performance Line CX in the Bosch eBike system 2 has a wired speed sensor with spoke magnet or brake disc magnet, or a wireless speed sensor with rim magnet.

Walk Assist

Walk Assist to make steep climbs easier to master while walking.

eBike Lock
  • eBike Lock, as additional theft protection for your eBike with the Kiox and Nyon displays, is a paid feature in the Bosch eBike system 2.
  • Activate motor support by attaching the display as a key.
15 mph white logo

Powerful support even on steep hilly rids up to 15 mph.

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Performance Line CX – the smart system

Smart and powerful for the uphill flow

The Performance Line CX is a powerful, dynamic drive for intuitive handling and a unique riding sensation. It goes to the limit with you – for even more riding enjoyment on technically demanding terrain. In the smart system the drive unit is fully connected with the other components of your eBike. With the eBike Flow app you can use digital features such as Activity Tracking and eBike Lock and keep your eBike up to date in future.

At a glance

Over-the-air updates

The Performance Line CX in the smart system is fully connected, so it stays up to date after purchase.

Powerful 85 Nm

The maximum torque of 85 Nm has a clear effect on your riding behavior.

Custom riding modes

You can customise the riding modes in the eBike Flow app.

Wireless speed sensor

The speed sensor is also available in a wireless version in the smart system – for a cleaner eBike look.

More details

eMTB mode and Extended Boost

The eMTB mode was conceived specifically for sporty use, giving you optimal control and intuitive handling, because you don’t have to switch between riding modes so often. With this mode you can easily handle technically difficult stretches and obstacles like roots and thick branches by well-judged pedal pressure and Extended Boost. In this way the Performance Line CX delivers even more riding enjoyment and a flow experience that sets a new standard.

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ABS Trail

Ambitious trails, faster rides, better skills: ABS Trail is modified for the expectations of sporty riders on demanding routes and challenging terrain. The new and revolutionary ABS from Bosch eBike systems trumps doubts – it improves performance and increases riding enjoyment! You’re safely supported in demanding and sporty riding maneuvers. And if you want to take a more relaxed approach with your eMTV you can simply switch to ABS Allroad via the eBike Flow app or your Kiox 300.

Bosch eBike ABS is only available in the following countries: all countries of the European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Norway.


Powering uphill

The maximum torque of 85 Nm has a noticeable effect on your riding behavior when you’re eMountan biking. The high-performance motor enables powerful acceleration at low cadence after tight turns and obstacles, and makes hill starts easier. For fast sprints, the motor also supports you at high cadence.

Maximum agility

The multi-sensor concept allows controlled and agile riding even on technically demanding trails. Combined with the innovative Bosch motor control, it delivers maximum dynamics and sensitivity.

Sporty and economical

Sporty riding on a trekking bike or eMTB. With the Performance Line CX Tour+ riding mode, the focus is always on riding enjoyment. Tour+ eliminates the need for manual switching between riding modes: since you pedal harder on flat stretches, the riding mode also saves power and extends your range. This provides for a natural riding sensation in every situation, even during extended rides.

Individual riding modes

You can fine-tune the riding modes of the smart system so that they offer you more support or enable longer range.

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eBike Lock with the smart system

Activating the eBike Lock function via the eBike Flow app lets you use your smartphone as a digital key. Because motor support can only be activated with your smartphone and Bluetooth connection, your eBike holds no attraction for thieves.

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Even better protected with eBike Alarm

The Flow+ eBike Alarm premium service protects your eBike even more effectively against theft. In interaction with eBike Lock, it expands the locking of the drive unit with a comprehensive alarm function. When you switch off your eBike, eBike Alarm activates automatically. In the event of attempted theft, eBike Alarm reacts with alarm signals. If the eBike is moved, tracking is started.

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You can control all functions of the smart system via the eBike Flow app. It allows you to adapt the eBike to your needs, upgrade it and keep it up-to-date. You simply download new features and services. You can conveniently install updates via Bluetooth. This keeps your eBike up-to-date and continuously upgraded with new features. Want greater theft protection? With Flow+ you get access to the eBike Alarm premium service to give your eBike even better protection.

Performance Line CX – Bosch eBike system 2

At a glance

Powerful support

You can accelerate powerfully uphill thanks to the maximum torque of 85 Nm.

Smooth assist

With the Extended Boost you maneuver easily and agilely over roots, steps and stones.


Perfect control

The eMTB mode enables you to change gear less often, giving optimal control and intuitive handling on the trail.

Efficient modes

The Tour+ mode saves power, as you have to pedal harder on level stretches and switch between riding modes less frequently.

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More torque

Powerful: The maximum torque of 85 Nm has a noticeable effect on riding behavior. This makes it possible to accelerate faster, especially at low cadences, and starting off on steep terrain is made much easier. This gives you more power directly at your disposal, even in difficult gears.

Extended Boost

Impressive performance on the trail: Extended Boost is a unique function that helps you ride smoothly over roots, steps and stones, even when going uphill. With this function you can maneuver with greater ease and agility on technically challenging trails.

Perfect control

Ready for any challenge. The enhanced eMTB mode ensures better control on the trail, without having to switch riding modes. The motor reacts much more sensitively to your use of power, especially in low gears, and enables extremely smooth starting.

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Sporty efficiency

Adopt a sporty riding style and get further as a result – the Tour+ mode makes it possible. The riding mode rewards your slightly higher power input with energy efficiency: if you pedal harder, the drive will give you correspondingly increased support. If things are going easily, you hardly need the support, saving power. This means the battery discharges more slowly. This will extend your ride – and your riding enjoyment.

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Natural riding dynamics

Finely measured support: The powerful 32-bit processor ensures particularly fast processing of sensor signals. Power can be controlled more precisely, which offers you the optimum support in all riding situations.

Thermal stability

For highest loads: the drive unit has high efficiency and is thermally extremely stable, thanks to the modern electric motor with modern bar winding. This ensures high performance even under heavy load.

Technical data

*Maximum values. Deviations possible, depending on the hub gear system.

**Activation/deactivation of the various riding modes is carried out by the bicycle manufacturer and the eBike dealer. A maximum of four riding modes, in addition to Off mode, can be activated in the display. With the help of the individual riding modes, the modes can be configured according to the individual needs of the eBike rider via the eBike Flow app. It's not possible to customize your riding mode on speed eBikes.

***Optional only with hub gear system. There is no backpedal function with the derailleur system.

****Only available in New Zealand and the USA.

FAQs & More

You can update your motor at your bike dealer. Please contact your dealer regarding any costs.

You can combine the Tour+ mode with the following modes: Eco, eMTB, Turbo. You can not combine Tour+ with the Tour mode or with the Sport mode. 

Extended Boost is a new and innovative feature in eMTB mode. The unique dynamics make it easy to ride over obstacles by applying the right amount of pressure to the pedal. The pedals rarely, if ever, jam. If the front wheel is already on the step, slight pressure on the pedals is all it takes to give the decisive "kick" This takes pedal management to a whole new level.

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