For everyday adventures

Active Line Plus

Glide quietly along

The quietest drive from Bosch: suitable for cities with steep hills or excursions into the countryside.

Dynamic riding

Smooth, agile, natural: The Active Line Plus drives you forward with dynamic start-up behavior.

Relaxation on tour

Easy to pedal even without electric support or above 20 mph – for more relaxation during every trip. 

Smart system or Bosch eBike system 2

The Active Line Plus at a glance

The smart system is fully connected and always up-to-date thanks to regular updates over-the-air.

Active Line Plus

Max. 50 newton meters

Up to 50 Nm of torque, whether you pedal fast or slow: The Active Line Plus is ideal for overcoming hills with ease and accelerating with verve.

The eBike Flow app

Always up-to-date: With the eBike Flow app, you regularly receive updates over-the-air for the Active Line Plus and your eBike. 

eBike Alarm
  • eBike Alarm is free of charge as a Flow+ premium service for the first 12 months.
  • Requirements: Activation of eBike Lock, a Flow+ subscription and an installed ConnectModule
Comfortable riding mode

Thanks to Auto mode, you stay relaxed, even on climbs and in strong headwinds, without any additional effort. Auto mode automatically adapts the support to the conditions.

Bosch eBike ABS

The Bosch eBike ABS helps you to brake more safely in every situation and to use the front brake to optimal effect. You are better protected against falls and can ride more carefree.

Smart walk assist and Hill Hold

Use smart walk assist to make steep climbs easier when walking – including the automatic Hill Hold rollback protection.

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All components are matched and compatible with one another.

Active Line Plus

Max. 50 newton meters

Up to 50 newton meters of torque: With the Active Line Plus you can cover ground smoothly in hilly cities or use it for spontaneous trips into the surrounding countryside. 

eBike Connect app

The Active Line, in conjunction with the Kiox or Nyon, is compatible with the eBike Connect app. This allows you to check, for example, your riding data or plan your next ride.

eBike Lock

eBike Lock additionally protects your eBike against theft with the Kiox and Nyon displays. In the Bosch eBike system 2, this feature is subject to a charge.

Customizable riding modes

With this feature (subject to a charge), you can customize selected modes to suit your needs. They then provide you with more support or enable a greater range. 

Special riding modes

Sport or eMTB | Tour or Tour+

Walk assistance

With walk assist, you can make steep climbs easier to manage when walking.

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Active Line Plus – the smart system

Mobility for everyday life

Experience something new: The Active Line Plus is the ideal companion for commuting to work and for excursions within and outside the city. The drive unit ensures smooth, agile acceleration and enables easy handling. The barely perceptible pedal resistance above 20 mph or in Off mode increases the fun factor when exploring and on every ride.

At a glance

Super quiet

The quietest drive unit in the Bosch portfolio

Max. 50 newton meters

Smooth, agile support

Auto mode

Automatic adjustment of support

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Quiet, quieter, Active Line Plus

Together with the Active Line, the Active Line Plus is the quietest drive unit from Bosch eBike Systems – perfect for relaxed rides without annoying background noise.

Adapted to your needs

Natural and dynamic starting is ensured by the Active Line Plus with its sensitive sensor concept, including software. It responds sensitively to your riding behavior and supports you with up to 50 newton meters of torque, even if you have to pedal faster or tackle unexpected climbs. This makes it suitable not only for rides in the city, but also for longer tours in urban environments.  

Relaxing Auto mode

Being on the road with the eBike becomes even more pleasant and relaxed thanks to the Auto mode. Headwinds or uphill inclines never catch you off guard again, because the auto mode automatically varies the support depending on the riding situation. You don't have to exert more effort or switch the riding mode yourself. This means you can fully focus on the road ahead and enjoy your ride to the fullest.  

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Robust, reliable, durable

The Active Line Plus is based on a gearbox that is characterized by particular durability and robustness. This ensures that your riding fun lasts for many years. You don't have to worry about the weather or dirt. Just enjoy your daily rides and leisure tours, because that's exactly what the Active Line Plus was designed for. 

Additional safety: ABS Touring

Uneven road surfaces, zebra crossings and traffic lights are part and parcel of every trip. Whether you're commuting to work, or taking some time out from the city traffic in nature at the weekend, you need brakes you can rely on. ABS Touring allows you to brake more safely – whatever the surface.  

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Individual riding modes

You can fine-tune the riding modes of the smart system so that they offer you more support or enable longer range.

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eBike Lock with the smart system

Activating the eBike Lock function via the eBike Flow app lets you use your smartphone as a digital key. Because motor support can only be activated with your smartphone and Bluetooth connection, your eBike holds no attraction for thieves.

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Even better protected with eBike Alarm

The Flow+ eBike Alarm premium service protects your eBike even more effectively against theft. In interaction with eBike Lock, it expands the locking of the drive unit with a comprehensive alarm function. When you switch off your eBike, eBike Alarm activates automatically. In the event of attempted theft, eBike Alarm reacts with alarm signals. If the eBike is moved, tracking is started.

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You can control all functions of the smart system via the eBike Flow app. It allows you to adapt the eBike to your needs, upgrade it and keep it up-to-date. You simply download new features and services. You can conveniently install updates via Bluetooth. This keeps your eBike up-to-date and continuously upgraded with new features. Want greater theft protection? With Flow+ you get access to the eBike Alarm premium service to give your eBike even better protection.

Active Line Plus – Bosch eBike system 2

Equipped for everyday and adventure rides

The Active Line Plus is ideal for all those who want moderate support with smooth, agile start-up behavior on everyday and longer rides. The Active Line Plus makes the perfect team with the Purion, Intuvia, Kiox, Nyon computers and the Bosch eBike system 2 Bosch eBike batteries.

At a glance

Super quiet

Quiet and barely audible power delivery 


Particularly smooth power delivery


Also available with convenient backpedal function

Max. 50 newton meters

Smooth, agile support

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Dynamic acceleration

The Active Line Plus provides powerful but well-modulated support. It adapts its power delivery to your start-up behavior – thanks to the multi-sensor concept with more than 1,000 measurements per second. Experience natural and dynamic acceleration with minimum pedal resistance when in Off mode or above 20 mph.

Easy handling

The innovative drive concept enables a drive unit weight of approximately 7.1 lbs and, thanks to the compact size, improved integration into the bicycle frame. The low center of gravity ensures easy handling. The Active Line is compatible with derailleur or hub gear systems. The optional backpedal function for hub gear systems helps you to brake particularly comfortably. 

Award-winning product design

Flowing forms and sleek lines: The Active Line Plus eBike system was awarded the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2017.

Technical data

*Maximum values. Deviations possible, depending on the hub gear system.

**Activation/deactivation of the various riding modes is carried out by the bicycle manufacturer and the eBike dealer. A maximum of four riding modes, in addition to Off mode, can be activated in the display. With the help of the individual riding modes, the modes can be configured according to the individual needs of the eBike rider via the eBike Flow app. It's not possible to customize your riding mode on speed eBikes.

***Optional only with hub gear system. There is no backpedal function with the derailleur system.

****Only available in New Zealand and the USA.

FAQs & more

For the drive unit and display components, the operating temperature is 23°F to 104°F and the storage temperature is 50°F to 104°F.

The ideal storage temperature for the battery is 50°F to 68°F.

You can search for specific error codes in the search bar. We provide all codes with a description and possible solution steps.

Error codes consist of a classification and a sequence of numbers and letters. These codes are used to identify malfunctions that may occur during operation of your eBike.

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