How do I reset my trip (distance) to 0 mile on the Kiox 300/Kiox 500?

The mileage is reset to 0 every day by default.
For automatic trip reset (distance) you can choose between the following values:

  • After 2 hours
  • After 4 hours
  • The next day
  • After 7 days

On your Kiox 300/Kiox 500, you can find the selection under Settings > My eBike > Auto. Trip Reset

Want to manually reset the mileage to 0 on your Kiox 300/Kiox 500?

  1. Press the Select button of your control unit for at least 1 second
  2. Select Reset and confirm with the Select button
  3. All data on the distance traveled up to that point is set to zero.

You can also manually reset the mileage (distance) in the eBike Flow app. To do this, end the current activity in your eBike Flow app under  > Exit

You will find the settings for automatic trip reset in the eBike Flow app under  Settings > My eBike > Auto. Trip Reset. Select the required time period.

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