How do I activate/deactivate the walk assistance/start-up help?

To activate walk assistance, press start-up help/walk assistance (WALK) at the top of the control unit. For drive units from model year 2017, first press the walk assist button, then press and hold the "+" button on the control unit.

Walk assistance is deactivated as soon as one of the following events occurs:

  • Release the walk assist button (model years up to 2016).
  • Release the "+" button (model years from 2017 onwards)
  • The wheels of the eBike are blocked (e.g. due to actuation of the brakes or collision with an obstacle).
  • The maximum speed for the function is exceeded.
  • The crank gets blocked.

Caution: Please only use walk assistance for its intended purpose. If the wheels are not touching the ground (e.g. when mounted on a stand) when the function is activated, there is a risk of injury occurring.

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