What can I do if the connection between Kiox and my phone keeps being interrupted?

For iOS and Android

Make sure that the location permissions are set to "Always/Always allow".

Additionally, for Android

If the connection between Kiox and the phone keeps getting lost during navigation, it's very likely that the operating system is switching off the eBike Connect app and running in the background to save power.

To prevent this on Android phones, you can manually add the eBike Connect app to a list of exceptions.

An example of how to find the energy saving function/battery optimisation is:

On your phone, go to  Settings > search: Energy saving function or Battery optimisation. Select All apps, search for eBike Connect. Select Do not optimise or Do not allow and confirm your selection.

Depending on the phone model, there may be additional settings that should be set as follows:

  • Adaptive battery: off
  • Energy saving: off
  • RAM Plus: disabled

If necessary, there may be other settings that switch off apps currently running in the background. Please contact your phone manufacturer if necessary.

Please note: After an update, the eBike Connect app may disappear from the battery optimisation exception list. Therefore, please check the list again following an update.

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Any questions?
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