How do I charge my on-board computer?

There are two different options to charge the on-board computer:

Charging on-board computer via eBike battery:

  1. Insert the on-board computer into the display mount
  2. Switch on the eBike system on the battery pack or on-board computer.
    The on-board computer is being charged.

Note: If the display is not charging, check that your eBike battery is charged.

Charge on-board computer via USB port:

  1. Open the protective cap of the USB port on the on-board computer
  2. Connect the on-board computer via a micro-USB charging cable to an USB charger (not included in the standard scope of delivery) or the USB port of a computer.
  3. Switch on the on-board computer.
    The charging power via the USB port is 5V charging voltage and max. 500 mA charging current.

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