Digitally connected eBiking


Digitally connected eBiking

Smart connection

Whether you're using a connected on-board computer or a smartphone, Bosch has intelligent solutions to connect you to the digital world when you're riding your eBike. This opens up a whole new range of options for eBiking - whether for navigation, fitness, communication or entertainment. Thanks to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in combination with smart features such as navigation, route planning, fitness and environmental conditions, you are now even better informed. Performance data such as altitude, speed, cadence and heart rate profiles can be recorded and evaluated. You can share information and stay in touch with friends on the go - that's what online services like Strava and komoot are all about. 


Bosch connectivity overview

Flow App / The smart system

Smartphone app

The eBike Flow app is the control centre for your connected eBike experience. Use the app to control all functions of the smart system, which connects the control unit, display, battery, and drive unit. The app allows you to customise the eBike exactly to your preferences, to enhance it and keep it up to date. All you need to do is to download the new features and services and to install them via Bluetooth. This enhances the ride even more.

Over-the-air updates

Use the eBike Flow app to download new features and updates for components such as the battery or motor and send them to your eBike via Bluetooth. That way it's always up to date and you get to enjoy more options.

Individual riding modes

Adjust each riding mode exactly to your individual preferences: All modes can be fine-tuned to offer you more support or consume less power.

Activity tracking

Track your ride and fitness data as soon as you get started. If desired, the Activity Tracking for iPhone users can also sync all data automatically with Apple Health. When you take a break, the recording stops automatically.

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eBike Connect

Smartphone app

The eBike Connect App lets you connect the on-board computer to your smartphone, so you can conveniently transfer route plans or adjust riding modes.      

Online portal

Connectivity with the eBike Connect online portal allows you to retrieve and evaluate all of your personal riding, route and fitness data on your tablet or PC.

Navigation + tour planning

The Nyon and Kiox smart Bosch on-board computers always point you in the right direction, as well as helping you to plan your next eBike ride.

Fitness training

Bosch turns your eBike into a personal trainer. You can create your own individual training programme – and connect the on-board computer to a heart rate monitor chest strap. You can also synchronise your ride data from the eBike Connect app with Apple Health or Google Fit.


The premium Lock function gives your eBike added protection against theft: Detaching the on-board computer automatically deactivates your eBike's motor support.

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Download apps

Download eBike Connect app

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Download the eBike Flow App

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For the connected eBike world

Smart connectivity

LED Remote

Greater flexibility, comfort, and safety: The LED remote connects the eBike with the eBike Flow app. This enables you to call up all important riding data, such as the duration of your ride or the distance covered, using your smartphone and to share this with other users. It is also possible to carry out software updates independently.

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Fun features

Kiox 300

The robust display is an intelligent companion for sporty rides to determine fitness data and to optimise your training. Kiox 300 always stays up-to-date thanks to regular updates 'over the air' and ensures optimal flow with further future offers and new features via the eBike Flow app.

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For connected biking

Always up to date 


Want to be digitally connected and up-to-date while riding your eBike? The little Kiox on-board computer offers a whole host of functions: From navigation and ride planning to fitness training, Kiox offers you a smart eBike experience in conjunction with the eBike Connect App and the eBike Connect portal.

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Smarter eBiking


From navigation and ride planning to fitness training, the Nyon smart on-board computer transforms every eBike trip into a special experience. Connectivity with the eBike Connect App and the online portal gives you easy access to the digital world.    

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Make your eBike smarter