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a man and woman riding eBikes down a city roadway

Learn about electric bikes

ePowered by Bosch

System overview

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Power that moves you forward.
And everywhere.

Electric bikes help you get around better in the city, with your family or up a mountain. It gives you a power boost when you need it and makes you independent of schedules or parking spaces. The eBike takes up little space and produces neither noise or exhaust fumes. In return, the focus is on the fun--even on longer routes. And, of course, an incomparable riding experience.

No wonder electric bikes are booming. Its advantages are both fascinating and convincing. However, understanding the variety of eBikes can be a challenge. The quality, capabilities and serviceability vary greatly.  But don't worry: We'll explain everything you need to know about eBikes here.

Bosch-equipped eBikes

Ride on reliability

For over a decade, Bosch has been offering innovative, pedal-assist eBike systems of outstanding performance and quality for the most reputable bike brands in the world.  Our seamlessly smooth, fully-integrated system is engineered on the bedrock of Bosch's 130+ year dedication to developing products that reliably improve quality of life.          

Our award-winning motors, highly efficient, rechargeable batteries, modern displays and control units as well as our connected apps ensure a personalized eBike experience whether it's an electric mountain bike, hybrid eBike, city eBike or cargo eBike. See for yourself and experience the difference - Feel the Flow!

Overview: eBike types

Don't get confused: The generic term "eBike" has become established, but there are actually three types of electric bikes. The differences lie in the motor power, the type of support and the legal requirements. Bosch only creates drive units for Class 1 and 3 eBikes. Read on to learn more about the model legislation for the 3-class system.


Many of the most premium electric bikes use mid-drive motors. There's a good reason for this: It sits at the bottom bracket in the middle of the bike, which lowers the center of gravity and leads to balanced weight distribution. Both of these factors make handling easier, and the direct power transmission to the chain also conveys a natural ride-feel. And because the Bosch eBike motors, also called drive units, measure important riding data over 1,000 times per second with their sensors, they always provide you with the optimum performance.

The fact that most premium eBikes use a mid-motor instead of a front or rear wheel motor brings another advantage. It preserves the natural riding feel familiar from bicycles and you don't feel pushed (rear wheel motor) or pulled (front wheel motor). In addition, with the mid-motor, the power can be controlled sensitively and precisely via the pedal pressure. Very important: Only the mid-drive motor can provide maximum power even at low speeds. It gives you thrust whenever you need it.

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The eBike motor draws the energy to power you everywhere from the eBike battery. It supplies the eBike motor with power and decisively influences the range. Therefore, there are eBike batteries for different requirements as well as for different installation and mounting variants. Whichever eBike you choose, whatever your requirements - Bosch has the right lithium-ion battery. 

The PowerTube batteries can be seamlessly integrated into the bike frame, while the PowerPacks can be mounted either on the frame or on the rear rack. So that you always have enough energy for the fun and flow of a long ride, all batteries are available with different capacities, which are measured in Wh (watt-hour). Likewise, there are different chargers to quickly recharge the batteries after all the adventures.

PowerPack on hybrid eBike

Voll integreierter PowerTube

Fully integrated PowerTube

PowerPack als Gepäckträger-Variante

Rear rack PowerPack

Smart solutions: Displays, apps & control units

The display is the control center on the handlebar. It allows you to display various information such as range or selected riding mode and gives you the opportunity to change the support levels.Displays are available in many variants and with different functions. From the small control unit with minimalist data of riding modes and range, such as Purion or the LED remote, to classic displays with a screen, to fully-networked computers including smart features and automatic updates over-the-air, everything is now possible. The Bosch displays expand your eBike experience with exciting digital functions and services, such as navigation and route planning.

With apps from Bosch eBike systems, you can connect your eBike to the digital world. For example, you can easily transfer a route from your smartphone to the computer. If you would like more information about the apps and the functions they offer, click here.

Flow App als Verbindung zum smarten System

Nyon computer with eBike Connect app

Smartphone with COBI.Bike App

SmartphoneHub with COBI.Bike App

Flow App als Verbindung zum smarten System

Kiox 300 with eBike Flow App

Support levels

The eBike expands your muscle power with motor power. You decide how much extra power it provides simply by using your own power and selecting the assistance level. Whether you want to work up a full sweat or arrive at the office without breaking a sweat - your eBike will help you have limitless fun!

These are the Bosch eBike support levels:

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How the eBike enriches your life

Moving sustainably

The future is electric. The eBike is a sustainable alternative to the car for the vast majority of everyday journeys: With the cargo bike you can effortlessly go shopping in the neighboring town, and with the electrically powered city bike, you can comfortably cycle across the city - without traffic jams and the search for a parking space.

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Limitless fun

Riding an eBike is simply fun. Whether adventures in the mountains or in the urban jungle: With the individual support levels, you always get the boost you need. Whether light, maximally efficient support in "Eco" mode, steady support for long distances in "Tour" mode or full power for top performance in "Turbo" mode.


Fitness program included

The eBike not only gets you comfortably from A to B, but also trains your fitness. You decide how much additional support the drive delivers and how much power comes from your legs. With our networked  computers, you always have your performance in view and control your individual fitness training. Studies show that people ride an eBike more often and longer than a conventional bike.

Beating traffic

Most people work within 10 miles of their job. An eBike is the fastest way to get there - and it's completely relaxed without breaking a sweat.

Family carpool

The eBike brings friends and families not only to the destination, but also closer together. Because its power makes age and condition a secondary matter, parents, children, grandma and grandpa can enjoy carefree excursions. Their range grows and so does the sense of community.

BCycle eBike with Bosch Active Line drive unit ridden on quiet city street by commuter

Rent a BCycle eBike

Electric bicycles have the power to shorten commutes, flatten hills, and make city cycling easier and more enjoyable. Bike share systems throughout the country bring the convenience of cycling to everyone with affordable rides found at convenient checkpoints. Bosch is proud to partner with BCycle to electrify bike share. With BCycle, anyone can try a Bosch-equipped eBike to cut their commute, discover new neighborhoods, or simply have some fun.

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