My eBike rides are not displayed in the online portal or in the app. What could the problem be?

To ensure that your riding data is visible in the app and in the portal, make sure that

- At least software version is installed on your Kiox.
You will find the current software version of your Kiox under "Settings > My eBike > Components > Kiox".
To update Kiox, connect Kiox to your smartphone via Bluetooth, launch the eBike Connect app, and follow the update instructions
- Once you have connected Kiox, the "Follow your Kiox activities with your smartphone" button appears in the feed. Tap this and select "Always allow" 
- Activate geolocation data storage. Go to "More > Settings > Data protection settings" to make changes to the geolocation data.
- Your smartphone has an Internet connection
- A stable Bluetooth connection exists between Kiox and your smartphone
- Your smartphone has good GPS reception

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