Kiox (FAQ)

How do I activate/deactivate the walk assistance/start-up help?

To activate the walk assistance, press the upper left-hand button on the control unit. For drive units with a model year of 2017 or later, please first press the walk assistance button, followed by the "+" button on the control unit, keeping it pressed down.

The walk assistance is deactivated as soon as one of the following events occurs:

- The "walk assistance" button is released (model years up to 2016)

- The "+" button is released (model years from 2017 onwards)

- The wheels of the eBike are locked (e.g. by applying the brakes or due to running into an obstacle).

- The maximum speed for the function is exceeded

- The crank gets blocked.

Caution: Please only use the walk assistance for its intended purpose. If the wheels are not touching the ground (e.g. when mounted on a stand) when the function is activated, there is a risk of injury occurring.