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Cargo bike

Looking for a relaxing and healthy way to deliver post and transport goods? Want a convenient way to offer customer service without getting snarled up in traffic jams? The Cargo Speed drive is extremely efficient and offers support for cargo bikes up to 28 mph and gets the rider and his/her goods quickly and comfortably from A to B. The flexibility of the cargo S-pedelec means you're always one step ahead.

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The range of the Bosch batteries depends on many factors: eBike equipment, type of use, external influences... 

You will find a calculation of the typical range for your eBike equipment here. Adjust all other settings to your general conditions.

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eBike brands epowered by Bosch

State-of-the-art components and the high design freedom of Bosch drive systems provide the basis for a wide range of products from bicycle manufacturers – whether mountain bikes, trekking bikes or city bikes.

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