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Whether on sporty tours, on the way to work, on the road for shopping or on a relaxing nature cruising: Experience the fascination of eBike up close, wherever you are on the road.

The eBike as a summiteer

Down the street, into the terrain and up on the mountain: The eBike takes each summiteer to his goal.

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Relax and explore new regions and enjoy nature - on a relaxing tour with the eBike.

eMTB courses for more riding fun

Double added value: Safety and fun The courses convey: Specific riding techniques, individual tips, basic information and much more...

eBike Races

Devote yourself to eBiking and test your own performance in competition with others: Take the eBike Challenge!

Geisskopf Bike Park

The world's first Bosch Uphill Flow Trail makes it possible for newcomers as well as experienced riders to enjoy the fascination of eMountain bike uphill.

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