The new Nyon is here!

For those who already own the new Nyon display, the first official update is available today. The update contains some corrections and improvements and is now available for download.

The eBike Connect app and the eBike-Connect portal have been updated too. The Nyon can be selected under "My eBike" and connected to the eBike Connect app.


All Nyon functions at a glance

  • Simple operation: The touch function makes the new Nyon even more intuitive and a separate control unit can be used while riding. The robust display remains fully functional even in rainy or dusty conditions and can even be operated with biking gloves.
  • Optimum readability: The display brightness and backlight automatically adjust to the ambient light. A special coating reduces reflections and fingerprints. You can choose between a dark or light display with maximum contrast.
  • Display mount: To ensure the best possible readability, there are two mounting positions to choose from for the display mount. The central mounting above the handlebar is specially designed for eMountain bikers, while touring riders can move the mount further forward.
  • Software updates: Software updates or new maps can be conveniently downloaded over-the-air and installed.
  • ABS: The Bosch eBike ABS control light is integrated in the display.
  • Back to the start: The current location can be saved manually, enabling navigation back to this starting position at any time.
  • Navigating: Enter the next destination, zoom in on the relevant map section, move it and select the destination on the map – all using the touchscreen controls. While riding, notification tones draw your attention to the next turning.
  • Range information: When a ride is being planned, Nyon shows whether a destination can be reached with the selected motor support. While on the move, Nyon provides an early heads up if a different support mode needs to be selected.
  • Performance comparison: Nyon compares the speed, power and cadence of the current ride with the average values and shows whether your performance is better or worse than the average value.
  • Lock: The premium 'Lock' function enables motor support to be deactivated by removing the on-board computer - thus making the pedelec less attractive to thieves. The electronic lock only unlocks again when the same on-board computer is reconnected.
Further enhancements
  • FAQ: We have expanded our choice of topics in the eBike Connect portal. For example with questions and answers on the new Nyon and navigation with Kiox.
  • Minor visual improvements and bug fixes.