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The new eMTB mode for the Performance Line CX

Experience the Uphill Flow in a new dimension


No trigger - a mode for eMountainbiker

The eMTB mode replaces the former eMountainbikes sport mode with the Performance Line CX and varies between travel mode tour and turbo. With a maximum torque up to 75 Nm strenghtens the engine the driver's personal contribution between 120 % und 300 %.

Depending on the pedal pressure the progressive motor support adjusts automatically to the individual way of riding. Completely without shifting gears the engine supports slight RPMs constantly with ideal performance. The ride on steep slopes is effortless, moving forward on the terrain is considerably easier. This ensures a natural riding sensation and maximum performance on the trail.

Retrofit now

From 1/8/2017, eMTB mode is available from your specialist dealer. Retrofit your bike now!

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Experience the uphill flow in a new dimension


Further information about Uphill Flow

eMTB mode. The highlights

No trigger:

For more fun of driving without shifting. A change in the support modes is not necessary, the rider can focus entirely on the trail.

Progressive support:

For a natural riding sensation and optimum control. Depending on the pedal pressure the progressive motor support adjusts automatically to the individual way of riding.

Direct Flow:

Perfect support as soon as you press on the pedals. Starting on steep slopes is made significantly easier.

Trail Control:

Improved control in difficult riding situations. Enables effortless riding and optimal traction in technical uphill passages or in the case of obstacles.

Maximum Momentum:

With a torque up to 75 Nm. For a sports acceleration also on alpine terrain quite without shifting gears.

Ultimate Uphill Flow:

Uphill riding becomes an exceptional experience, the rider stays always in the flow.

Performance Line CX

  • Designed specifically for sport: Powerful support up to 300 % for a completely new riding sensation – also uphill.
  • Direct changing of gears: Ensures sports acceleration on the terrain and reduces the wear and tear of the components.
  • Durable and strong: At high RPM with a continuous maximum torque (75 Nm) on trails along the way.
  • Minor rotation with a big impact: Foot on the pedal and directly in the flow, already at 20 U/min with power from the turn.
  • Efficient: Bosch Drive Units distinguish themselves with full performance also at high workload.