New features for the eBike Flow app and the smart system (01/2023)

New features for the eBike Flow app and the smart system (01/2023)

Custom riding modes

Whether you want more of a boost when starting off or extended battery life through reducing the maximum speed - with the help of the ‘Custom riding modes’ function, the dynamic Tour+ and eMTB riding modes can now also be adapted.

Navigation for S-pedelecs

With this version of the eBike Flow app, we have expanded and enhanced the route planning function to include the specifications for S-pedelecs. In doing so, we have also taken country-specific requirements into account.

New languages

The eBike Flow app is now also available in Czech, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.

More features

Transport mode

If you transport your eBike, for example in a car or on the train, you can now use the new ‘Transport mode’. This temporarily deactivates eBike Alarm and prevents false alarms. Go to the settings of the eBike Flow app and click on ‘My eBike’ to activate Transport mode.

Map details

Navigation and route planning are now even more individual.In addition to the route profiles, you can now display three types of map details: ‘eBike Heatmap’ shows you heavily traveled routes. ‘Satellite’ provides a simplified satellite view for more overview and details. ‘MTB Trails’ shows you where mountain bike routes are located in your area. In addition, you can now select your desired route profile via quick selection when planning a route.


From now on, only routes that are marked as a ‘Bike’ category in komoot will be imported into the eBike Flow app.