How do I update my smart system eBike over the air?

eBike Flow app
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1. Before you update your smart System ensure to have the latest version of the eBike Flow app installed. You will find the latest version in the App Store/ Google Play Store.

2. For checking and downloading the ebike software update you need a working internet connection, the eBike needs to be connected with the Flow app and Smartphone and eBike need to be near by.
You can manually check for updates in your Flow app. Go to  Settings > My eBike > Check for eBike update.

3. If there is a new software update available, the download will start immediately.

4. After the new software is downloaded, the smartphone will transfer the files to the eBike via Bluetooth. Please ensure that eBike is connected with the Flow app and Smartphone and eBike are near by. You can use your eBike as usual as this might take around 20-30 minutes. Please ensure to have your smartphone near by the eBike.

5. After the transfer is completed and you want to start the installation click on Install now on the Software Update card on the  home screen. Please do not move the ebike or remove any components during installation. It is not necessary, that the smartphone is in bluetooth range, the eBike will handle the process independently. During the actual installation the eBike will do at least one reboot and therefore it will loose connection to the Flow app.
If the green LEDs on your remote control are still blinking, it means that the installation is ongoing and everything is fine.

6. As soon as they stop blinking please check the process within the Flow App if you can turn your eBike back on to complete the update.

You can find troubleshootings here if an error message occure.

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