How can I remove my eBike from my account?

Remove your eBike from your account in the app and in our systems:

1) Inside the eBike Flow App go to "Settings" >  "My eBike" > "Reset & remove" > "Remove eBike"

2) Also remove the "smart system eBike" from the Bluetooth device list of your smartphone. To do so, do the following:

- Go to your phone's Bluetooth settings

- Find "smart system eBike" in the list of devices

- Tap on the "i" or cog icon on the right

- Select "Forget this device" and confirm

This will allow another user to connect to the eBike and you to connect to another eBike.

Be aware: Removing the eBike inside the Flow App will also remove custom settings like custom riding modes.

You can also find an instruction video here.

To reconnect, follow the pairing steps and reconnect to the eBike.

If you forgot the Bosch ID email adress, please contact our support.

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Any questions?
We're happy to help.

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