When the eBike is connected to the Bosch DiagnosticTool, data is transmitted to Bosch. Why is that and which Bosch products does it apply to?

In order for us to process your request, your eBike must be connected to the professional DiagnosticTool from Bosch. The following information may be transmitted by you to Bosch for this purpose: e.g., technical data relating to your eBike to enable us to detect and rectify a technical fault and/or the serial number for software updates to bring your eBike up to date. For the purpose of product improvement, performance and usage data (including torque, temperature, currents and voltages) will only be processed in anonymized form. This procedure applies to almost all Bosch eBike Systems products, such as the drive unit, rechargeable battery, ABS and the dealer service products, such as the CapacityTester. You will find more information about this in our privacy policy at www.bosch-ebike.com.

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