What is the CO2 footprint of an eBike?

The CO2 footprint of a pedelec depends largely on its actual use: The more kilometres travelled by eBike in total, the lower the average CO2 footprint per kilometre - as the most energy is consumed during production rather than when riding. 
Together with TÜV Rheinland Energy GmbH, we have calculated and evaluated the product's carbon footprint according to ISO14067. About 75% of the CO2 footprint of an eBike is generated in the manufacturing process, 15% in actual use, and the rest in transport, packaging and recycling. Taken over its entire service life, the pedelec has a CO2 footprint of about 14g/km. If we consider the pure use phase and thus the emissions caused by electricity consumption, the average CO2 value is 2-5g/km, depending on the energy mix. In comparison, according to the Federal Environment Agency, a car accounts for around 150g CO2 /passenger kilometre (Pkm) and public transport between 60 and 80g/Pkm CO2. 

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