Is there a current example of how Bosch has made the eBike even more sustainable?

 Every time we develop a new product or enhance an existing one, we look at how we can minimise the impact of our products on the environment over their entire life cycle. A major factor here is the consistent reduction in the use of materials, as we always develop and design subsequent generations of our components to be smaller, more compact and lighter. By reducing the number of parts, we minimise the amount of material required, i.e. fewer raw materials are needed and the effort involved in development and production is significantly simplified. One example of this is the reduction in the weight of our drive units. For example, the latest generation of the Performance Line CX has achieved weight savings of approx. 25% compared to the previous model. 
By standardising our products and limiting the number of variants and parts, we can scale the manufacturing processes, leading to a reduction in the energy required per part.
Another example is the change to the packaging of our Performance Line CX drive unit. Since September 2020, the drives have been delivered to our customers in sustainable moulded fibre packaging. 

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