How do I connect my smartphone to my on-board computer?

If you want to connect your Nyon to a new smartphone, proceed as follows:
1. Switch Nyon on.
2. Select "Settings > Connections > Connect Smartphone". Follow the instructions on your Nyon.
3. Make sure that Bluetooth is active on your smartphone.
4. Now start the eBike Connect app on your smartphone and go to "My eBike > Connect new eBike device".
Switch Nyon on and go to "Settings > Connections > Connect new smartphone". You will receive instructions on Nyon that will guide you through the steps for downloading and installing the eBike Connect app as well as the pairing process.

If your Nyon and smartphone were previously connected, proceed as follows: 
First make sure that Bluetooth is activated in your smartphone settings. If you are already fully registered via the online portal (<a href='' target='_blank' rel='noopener'></a>) or the eBike Connect app, switch on Nyon and wait for the dashboard or "Ride" screen to appear. If you have already paired your smartphone with Nyon, the connection should be made automatically.

If your on-board computer and smartphone were previously connected, turn on Bluetooth on both devices: A connection to the most recently connected device will be automatically established. 
To connect a different bike computer to your smartphone, go to "My eBike" > "+". Follow the instructions in the app.

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