How can I enable Apple Health connection?

You can sync your activity data tracked with the eBike Flow app to Apple Health to keep your health and fitness-related data in one convenient place. Once connected, the eBike Flow app will automatically send activity data to Apple Health after each ride.

To connect the eBike Flow app with Apple Health:


  • 1. From app settings, open connected services and select Apple Health.
  • 2. Tap Connect on the next screen.
  • 3. On the health access page, you can grant access to send data from the eBike Flow app to Apple Health. You can control which data the eBike Flow app will send to Apple Health.

Please be aware that you have to allow workouts to share any activity data while configuring health access.
After the first setup, you can adjust the eBike Flow app's health access through the Health App.

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