Do I have to take anything into consideration when buying a new charger?

For all systems except "the smart system": All three Bosch chargers are available from specialist dealers and are compatible with the PowerPacks and the PowerTube. The rechargeable battery needs the latest software version for charging with the 6 A Fast Charger. The charging current is limited to 4 A for rechargeable batteries that use a software version prior to MY19. eBike charging using the Fast Charger is supported from hardware version MY18 (5-pin charging socket on the eBike). eBikes before MY18 can be retrofitted with the 5-pin charging socket. Irrespective of this, rechargeable batteries that have been removed from the eBike can be independently charged with 6 A. The charging current in PowerPack 300s and rechargeable batteries from the Classic + Line is limited to 4 A. An adapter is also required to charge Classic+ rechargeable batteries with the latest chargers.

If you have a smart system, you can also get the corresponding 4 A charger from your local dealer. The "smart system charger" can be identified by the "smart system imprint" on the packaging or the 4-pin charging plug.
There is no compatibility between the smart system charger and previous Bosch eBike system generations.

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