Can Bosch eBike batteries be repaired?

For safety reasons, faulty, old or "worn out" batteries are not repaired or refreshed. Lithium-ion batteries are complex, finely tuned systems with a high energy content. Correct function and optimum interaction with the Battery Management System can no longer be guaranteed if a battery is repaired. In addition, when the battery is re-assembled, the housing seal can no longer be assured. For safety reasons, batteries must pass extensive series tests in accordance with national and international laws and normative requirements before they can be placed on the market. These series tests are not feasible for an individual repaired battery due to the number of test samples required. This includes the testing of the seal, for example. If this is not carried out, there is a high risk that moisture will penetrate the battery and cause lasting damage. All of this can have safety-relevant consequences. For safety reasons Bosch strongly advises against having batteries repaired. If you also consider the impact of replacing a cell on resources and the environment, the orderly return of defective or used lithium-ion batteries to the recycling process is preferable to a repair from a sustainability perspective.

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