For optimum range

Battery: PowerPack

For optimum range

Battery: PowerPack

Choose the battery that suits you best. Bosch PowerPacks are available with 500 Wh and 400 Wh as frame or rack batteries for both Active Line and Performance Line. All offer high energy density, exceptional mileage, long service life, low weight and easy handling.

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All lithium-ion batteries, PowerPacks from Bosch eBike Systems are available in the energy content level 500 Wh and 400 Wh. They are available as a rack or frame battery. They can be easily inserted and removed, or they can be recharged directly on the eBike. The Battery Management System (BMS) provides the best possible protection against overcharging, undervoltage and short circuiting, while further enhancing the service life of PowerPacks.

The right PowerPack for you

Performance Line CX

With their optimal range, the PowerPack 500 and 400 are the perfect choice for eMountain bikers, sporty bikers and commuters. The lithium-ion battery combines unequalled energy density with the smallest possible size and the lightest weight.

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Performance Line

Bosch PowerPacks with 500 and 400 watt-hours provide the power you need for your tours. Available as frame or rack batteries, they are most impressive in terms of their easy use and and contemporary design.

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Active Line

High energy, high power cells: The Active Line PowerPacks with 500 and 400 watt-hours (Wh) ensure the most powerful performance, thanks to their high energy density and long life. Available as rack or frame batteries, they are most impressive in terms of their low weight and easy handling.

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The details at a glance

PowerPack 400PowerPack 500
Mounting typeFrame battery / Rack batteryFrame battery / Rack battery
Voltage36 V36 V
Capacity11.0 Ah13.4 Ah
Energy content400 watt-hours500 watt-hours
Weight5.5 lbs / 5.7 lbs5.7 lbs / 6.0 lbs

PowerPack 400

PowerPacks 400 are highly reliable rechargeable batteries that provide durable energy storage without memory effect or self-discharge. The Battery Management System (BMS) protects them against overload, undervoltage, and overheating. High-quality Single-Cell Monitoring (SCM) measures the voltage of each individual cell. PowerPacks 400 are lithium-ion batteries with 400 Wh, respectively. They are available as a rack or frame battery. The latter is positioned very close to the center of gravity, which enhances maneuverability. In the case of step-through (low-entry) bike frames, the battery is mounted on the rack. Regardless of where they are mounted, it‘s very easy to remove the batteries and recharge them at the nearest outlet.

The lowest weight in their class

Charging time:
Charges faster than any other eBike battery

Handle and mount afford easy handling

Service life:
Battery Management System and individual cell monitoring ensure long battery life

Problem-free storage and charging – anytime, anywhere.
As lithium-ion batteries, PowerPacks are not subject to any recharging memory effects and do not self-discharge. They can therefore be partially recharged at any time, without any impact on their service life.

PowerPack 500

With its increased range, the new PowerPack 500 is the perfect choice for eMountain bikers, athletic bikers, commuters, and anyone who wants to ride longer distances. Due to its unequalled energy density, this lithium-ion battery is exceptionally small and lightweight. Available as a frame or rack battery, PowerPack 500 adds more capacity and performance to the PowerPack series – so you can conquer even steep hills and the most rugged trails.

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