Total weight

Add your body weight + bicycle weight + luggage weight (backpack, cell phone, wallet, etc.) and enter the result in kilograms.

100 kg
Incl. bike
and luggage


Provide an approximation of the number of crank revolutions per minute you achieve on average.


What drive is installed on your bike?

Please note:
With Performance Line Speed, you can choose a speed up to 45 km/h.

  • Active Line
  • Active Line Plus
  • Performance Line Cruise
  • Performance Line CX
  • Performance Line Speed


What PowerPack is installed on your bike?

If you have a DualBattery, please activate the DualBattery option. DualBattery combines two PowerPacks, either two frame batteries or one frame battery and one rack battery.

  • PowerPack 300
  • PowerPack 400
  • PowerPack 500
  • PowerTube 500
  • PowerPack 400/400 (DualBattery)
  • PowerPack 400/500 (DualBattery)
  • PowerPack 400/ PowerTube 500
  • PowerPack 500/500 (DualBattery)
  • PowerPack 500/ PowerTube 500

Shifting system

What gear shifting system is installed on your eBike?

  • Derailleur system
  • Hub gear system

Type of bicycle & posture

Select your bike and corresponding posture.

  • Athletic touring bike / MTB
  • Upright road bike
  • Low road bike
  • Upright MTB
  • City bike

Tire tread

What tires does your bike have? The standard tire pressure is selected in accordance with the tire type and area of use.

  • Hybrid bike tires
  • MTB tires (cross country)
  • Road bike tires
  • City bike tires
  • MTB tires (Enduro)


Uphill, hilly, or flat as a pancake? What will your tour be like?

  • Flat
  • Some inclines
  • Hilly
  • Uplands
  • Mountainous tour


Gravel or good asphalt – what surface are you riding on?

  • Mostly good asphalt
  • Road with poor quality
  • Gravel and surfaced forest paths
  • Dirt forest and field paths
  • Soft forest paths

Starting up

Stop and go: How often will you need to start up during your tour?
Level 1 = rarely, level 5 = frequently.

Wind conditions

Windless or stormy? What wind conditions do you expect?

  • Windless
  • Light breezes
  • Moderately windy
  • Very windy
  • Stormy

Overview of your settings:


Active Line Cruise
+ PowerPack 400

Average speed
Riding mode
Total weight
Type of bicycle
& Posture
Shifting system
Tire tread
& Battery
Starting up
Wind conditions