Update für die COBI.Bike App (11/2021)

  • CO2 Tracker: With the help of this brand new module, you can see the amount of CO2 emissions, fuel and money you save using your eBike compared to trips with your car. You can activate the CO2 Tracker in the COBI.Bike app by tapping "Customise" on the start screen and adding it under "More modules".
  • Feedback: We appreciate your feedback! Tell us what you think, good or bad, with the help of the new support form in the COBI.Bike app.
  • my.cobi.bike: Under my.cobi.bike you can manage your active COBI.Bike hubs. We have made some changes to make it easier for you to keep track of hubs that have been shared with you.


Android only

  • App in the background: App closed and smartphone in your pocket? The app and the current activity continue to run in the background. You can end your journey by turning your smartphone display from vertical (landscape mode) to upright (portrait mode) or by tapping on "Stop" in the system notification of your Android smartphone.
  • Corrections: We have made some corrections and improvements in our app for Android, such as optimised navigation during phone calls.


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