All new features

  • Deleting trips: Until now, you were able to delete an eBike ride. With the latest release we introduce the option to delete the whole trip within the eBike Connect portal.
  • New experts on board: We updated the list of Bosch eBike experts on eBike Connect. You can search for the nearest expert by going to "Build route" on the portal and clicking on the flag icon on the left part of the screen.
  • Update your Kiox: This release introduces the option to manually check whether an update is available for your Kiox on-board computer. Start the eBike Connect app, go to "My eBike", tap on the Kiox you've already connected and select "Check for software update". If there is a new software update available, it will start automatically as soon as your Kiox is connected to the eBike Connect app.
  • Shop for premium features: In the eBike Connect app you can search for additional premium features such as Lock or custom riding modes. You can check whether there are premium features available for your on-board computer by selecting "More" and then "Shop" in the app. The Shop menu will appear greyed out if there are no features available for your eBike.

Further improvements:

  • General improvements in stability and performance
  • Optimisations for iOS 14
  • Layout improvements