What information does the status LED on the SmartphoneGrip display?

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The status LED indicates the following states by different colors and light patterns.

  • Charging via USB: LED lights up blue.

  • Start inductive charging: LED flashes yellow three times.

  • Inductive charging: LED lights up yellow.

  • Fully charged: LED lights up green.

  • Error message: LED flashes red.

The following alarm conditions are detected and lead to an interruption of the charging process:

  • Detection of foreign objects e.g., coins, keys

  • The charging process switches off at temperatures > 172°F (78°C). The charging process resumes when the temperature drops below

133°F (56°C).

  • Overvoltage alarm for voltages greater than 6 V

  • Undervoltage alarm for voltages lower than 4.2 V

Recommendations for action in the event of an error:

  1. Switch the system off and on again.
  2. Remove the SmartphoneGrip from the holder and then replace it.

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