Continue riding on the eBike

Use the battery intelligently and increase your range!


Continue riding on the eBike

Use the battery intelligently and increase your range!


Using the battery efficiently to increase the eBike's range

An eBike battery lasts an average of 80 kilometres until it runs out of juice. Over time, the capacity decreases. In addition, heavy use, frequent charging and incorrect storage harm the service life. We will show you how to get the most out of your eBike battery and increase the eBike's range.

Increasing eBike range: This is how it's done!

Many factors influence the performance of the eBike battery and thus the eBike's range. Consider the following ten points to get as far as possible.

1. Maximise battery capacity
eBike batteries with 500 watt hours are more powerful than eBike batteries with 300 Wh. A larger battery automatically gives you more eBike range.

2. Optimise the battery charge
If you only start with a half-full battery, the eBike range will reduce accordingly.

3. Minimise start-up frequency
Green lights all the way or stop-and-go? As with a car, frequent starting and stopping are less economical. You should try to ride at a constant speed.

4. Increase cadence
The faster you pedal, the further you get. Cadences above 50 revolutions per minute optimise the efficiency of the drive unit – very slow pedalling is very costly in terms of energy.

5. Reduce rider weight
A cyclist with low body weight on a light eBike will go further under identical conditions than a cyclist with high body weight on a heavy eBike. Try to keep the total weight (cargo) as low as possible.

6. Use support levels sparingly
In eco mode, the motor only helps minimally, in turbo mode it helps maximally. The Bosch eBike range assistant gives you precise information. Tip: During the eBike ride, keep an eye on the motor's power indicator on the on-board computer and adjust your riding style accordingly to reduce power consumption.

7. Speed and changing gears 
If you ride at a slower average speed, you will consume less energy than at a full speed. Make shifting as efficient as possible and start in low gear. The Bosch Intuvia on-board computer provides you with shift recommendations. With the automatic gear shifting system eShift, you'll get even more efficiently.

8. Terrain type and surfaces 
Is the route mainly flat or is it all uphill? Steep gradients reduce the range of the eBike battery and the motor has to work harder. Asphalt road or sandy path? The surface has an impact on the rolling resistance.

9. Tyre pressure and tread
eMTB tyres with more tread than city eBikes have a higher rolling resistance on the road, and wheels with insufficient tyre pressure also reduce your range. Maximise the eBike range, inflate the tyres to the maximum permissible tyre pressure.

10. Wind and weather 
Tailwind is good, while headwind is not – you have to pedal much harder. In winter, when it is cold, the efficiency of a rechargeable battery is reduced, as the electrical resistance increases. And that's why the eBike range will reduce in cold days. 

The range assistant

The range of Bosch batteries depends on numerous different factors. You can use the range assistant to calculate the range of the support you can expect from your eBike system on your next ride in various conditions. 

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The right use of the battery

If you constantly put the battery under a lot of strain, the battery life may suffer. Do not store the battery when it is full or empty. Ideally, it should be at a charge level of 30 to 60 per cent. The environment should be dry, with a temperature between 10 and 20 °C. Do not expose the battery to high temperatures. If possible, place your eBike in the shade when you take a break in summer.

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